How Content Marketing Drive Sales throughout the Buyers Journey

How Content Marketing Drive Sales throughout the Buyers Journey

Content marketing is a way of creating attractive and creative content which helps a brand to promote its product through media. Some reports say that aligning content marketing strategies with the buyers journey for sales is one of the greatest challenges. 61% of the majority of B2B businesses feel this way. In spite of this almost 68% of the businesses have still not shown any initiative to align their buyer’s journey and content marketing which has to lead to a fall in their sales. So, here is how content marketing drive sales throughout the buyers journey.

One should understand that today’s consumers are different from others. Most of them are busy to check out the things that they “want to” watch or read online, irrespective of the advertisements which pop up on their screens. No matter how attractive they look, they are still going to be ignored by being clicked on the cross button. While others have adblockers pre-set in their systems.

So, what can you do in a scenario like this?

Even then the best way to create a lead is through online media and content marketing. But like mentioned before, it is difficult to generate leads unless businesses understand the value of content marketing. It is not only about creating the initial traffic but retaining them as well. Content marketing also helps in setting the basics right and helps your sales team to have a stronger hold on pitching your product through:

  1. Well-prepared sales knowledge
  2. Receiving better-qualified leads
  3. Get prior knowledge through the online analytics of their leads
  4. Have a direct communication in order to get the access to selling the tools more efficiently

In order to address the above challenges, one must be aware of all the stages of how content marketing drive sales throughout the buyers journey. Let us take a sneak peek into that:

5 Steps of How Content Marketing Drive Sales throughout the Buyers Journey

When we talk about how to align content marketing with buyers journey the first basic step is to have knowledge about the following 5 stages:

  1. Discovery
  2. Consideration
  3. Evaluation
  4. Decision
  5. Retention

If businesses have these 5 things sewed to their marketing strategies, then they are good to go!

Let us look at what they mean one by one:


This can be seen as the hardest or the easiest part depending on how much a company understands its buyers. In this stage, it is not about providing information ‘about’ the product but generating a buzz about “how” the product can be useful to the general crowd. In a content marketing field, online users generally engage in a product viewing by reading blogs or watching videos. Therefore, businesses have to be very strategic and smart in creating the most effective and alluring content which is also search-engine friendly and thereby, attracts the right amount of traffic.


Once the attention of the lead has already been drawn to a particular website or product related post or video, it does not necessarily imply that the lead will consider buying it or even has interest in it. What do you do when this happens? You have to make re-targeting strategies by providing links after your post or video to visit your page and get a better knowledge of your product. Only then can the lead consider delving deeper into it.


With most businesses nowadays, interaction with the customers is a very easy thing to do. Online and media marketing greatly helps in this. This is where the perfect sales pitch comes into play. Once the buyer is already hooked to the product he or she might message/mail/call to gain more knowledge or solve queries about the product. The first and foremost target of the businesses to be perfectly ready to catch the fish once it is set on the hook!

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The decision stage is very crucial as you do not want to let go of your lead at this point when you have already pitched a flawless sales pitch and you know that they are convinced. If in case you still feel a single shred of doubt in your potential client’s mind, there comes in the ultimatum of marketing strategies by giving them perks such as demo videos, free sessions, etc.


You have finally generated enough traffic by following the buyers journey throughout your content marketing. But is that it? Who knows if these buyers shall not move to a different business and be loyal to your product? Here in comes the retention strategy where through your reviews and more product branding creation, your customers will maintain its loyalty. Easy ways to purchase and guaranteed services have no cheat sheets and if you can nail that in your customers’ heads then you are good to go!

Otherwise, why will they even go through all the problems of product discovery through evaluation again, right?

So, get these 5 steps aligned today!


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