How Businesses Use Social Media for Marketing

How Businesses Use Social Media for Marketing

The impact of Social Media has been huge in the 21st century. From school going children to business executives, everybody uses it. It began as a mere chat box and now it somewhat designs our lives. We want to look good in it. We want to have debates on it and what not. So it work’s around our lives and we do take care of our social media image. Having said that it also a good platform to promote and advertise a certain product, domain or business. With the spectrum of target audience increasing every single day it is really not difficult to touch all socio-economic strata’s and age groups. Confining the domain and scope of this discussion to how businesses use social media for marketing, let us begin.

How Businesses Use Social Media for Marketing

Creating the Hype or Background Works

Certain establishments fail to understand that an online image/presence has to be created and a certain degree of hype must be generated. Only after that the product or website is to be launched. We need people or your target audience to be inquisitive about you and then launch your brand. Where a brand building is a constant endeavor, but orchestrating hype is something we need to do, indeed do very well.

The Big Launch

Launching your site is the next big thing and along with that real-time testing is also on. You would want to streamline everything to the finest detail. Another added job these days is making sure that your site looks and functions well on mobile phones as well as tablets. Interface reliability is the next big tick in your list and you better have that covered. Coming up next is your social media presence.

Social Media Presence

This needs a lot of time and attention and has to be done in the right way. Creating a Facebook advert and twitter handle might sound cool but does nothing if properly planned and implemented. Knowing your audience is the key factor here and that will strategically place your ads to that genre of people on social media. So don’t kid yourself here and first and foremost concentrate on your target people. Expanding can always be done at later stages.

Again we are not looking for too much information on Social Media here, but then highlighting the firm’s ambition and cause of doing the same. The USP should make a big sell here. With this said I think we have covered the marketing basics on Social Media.

Add On’s

Keeping yourself and the business in context to the changing times is what you are doing right here. We might want to see a little further down the line. For retailing business, we might want to keep in mind that the only job that social media advert is to take the customer to your site. Overdoing the advert is one reason why many of them fail and that is where the product has to be cleverly marketed. For service type firms a little elaboration wouldn’t hamper and this works towards you. But then the website aesthetics has to be a lot better than retailers or whole-sellers. The way you look on the internet is what your product or service is. I am not saying this is what it is, but this is what the consumer believes.

Creating an additional bog might also be a very good thing to do. A lot of literature can in be incorporated like for example your history and vision. Further achievements can be shared on that page and this might be a good way to set-up healthy interaction with your clients. Service type sectors will find this practical. Fast moving consumer goods section will not take home much from here though.

Going an extra step further would be to make open discussion threads on your social site. You could see your relevance over here and also observe current behavioral patterns of the consumer. Market relevance is a big factor in this age and the only reason we are doing so much on social media marketing is for the business to be relevant. Active participation by the company is also needed as that when the consumer feels that they are heard.


Having a final word here would be saying that doing in the right proportions and density is the key. One can easily overdo such acts and that kills the motive in the first instance. Having a fair consistency is the key here and also being patient is. Traffic monitoring and looking at statistics like when to post, which keywords to be used and also the usage of meta phrases can be done and are tools to help you do better and create a better Social presence of your brand.


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