HostGator 1 Cent Hosting Discount Coupon

HostGator 1 Cent Hosting Discount Coupon

HostGator 1 Cent Hosting Discount Coupon



If you are new or beginner to the blog then please don’t waste your money for costly domains and web hosting. There are lots of different companies provide best web hosting at very low price. So, If you are thinking to start a blog then go for Godaddy, HostGator, BlueHost etc. because they provide the best service and web hosting in such a low cost. They provide 24*7 customer service so, If you having some problem then there’s a toll-free number & you can call anytime.

Web Hosting for only $0.01 for the first month! Use code: 1CENT.

I’m giving this offer for you. You can purchase web hosting from here and you will get 20%-25% off on purchase of web hosting on HostGator. So, click on the banner to redeem offer.



How to purchase Web Hosting from HostGator? [30/03/2017]

In this tutorial, I’m gonna talk about get started with HostGator and create a stunning website. For that, you have to purchase web hosting and domain name. So, total cost is given below;

  1. Domain: $12.95/Year
  2. Hosting: $7.00/Month but If you use our promo code then you will get hosting at $0.01/Month.
  3. Install WordPress: WordPress is the world’s best CMS (Content Management System) and it’s totally free. This is the platform on which you can create your website.
  4. Install WordPress Theme: Once you install WordPress, and before start to create a website you have to install proper WordPress Theme. It’s free but you can also use paid themes.
  5. Create a Website: Now, you are ready to go!

We are using HostGator for web hosting. Click here to open HostGator page. Now, HostGator page is open and click on Get Started Now. Choose your plan from 3 given options. If you are a beginner to start a new blog then you should select Hatchling Plan. It’s best suited for beginners. But you can choose whatever you like.

But make sure select the plan which gives you Unlimited Bandwidth. Hatchling Plan provides you Single Domain name for your website, Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited bandwidth and shared SSL Certificate.

Once you select your plan select time like $5.56/Month for 1 year. But in this case, I’m gonna select Monthy plan and it cost me $7.16/Month. Click on Sign Up Now! Enter your domain name which is the name of your website. (like my domain is Make sure once your domain name is registered then you can’t change it.

If your domain is available then you can proceed further otherwise you have to change your domain name. Once again choose your hosting plan. Enter the username which is for HostGator and choose proper security PIN.

Enter your correct contact information because once you registered HostGator will send you confirmation mail on your email id. There are lots of additional services are there but for beginners, it is not important. So, uncheck all services and proceed further.

Check your total amount and other stuff like domain, web hosting and plans. You can see $7.16/Month web hosting in your bill but If you enter our coupon code then you have to play only $0.01/month web hosting. To redeem code go to Coupon Code section and enter 1CENT and Validate. Now, you can see $0.01/month web hosting in your bill. Agree on the terms and conditions and Checkout Now!

So, in this way, you can purchase web hosting from HostGator.

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How to install WordPress on Hosting Space?

Open your email which you give in contact information section. You will get 2 emails. Open Account info email. All information like username and password, domain name etc you will get there. Copy username and password and click on Your Control Pannel. Paste your username and password to log in.

Now, you log in to control panel of your web hosting. Go to Software/Services and click Quick Install. Select Install WordPress. Select your domain name and leave black the other box. Enter your Admin Email which is used to retrieve your id/password of WordPress.

Enter the blog title whatever you like and choose Admin Username which is used to login to WorePress. Click on Install WordPress. It will take some time to install WordPress on your hosting space.

Once all done you will get a message like Your install is complete! Click here to view your notifications. Click on View Credentials copy your password and click on Admin Area. Enter your username of WordPress which you create, paste the password and Log In. Now, you are successfully log in to your WordPress account.

How to install WordPress Theme?

The best way to log in into the backend of your website enter your domain name /wp-admin (i.e and hit enter. Now, you will direct login to WordPress. Enter id/password and Login. If you want to change your password then go to the top right menu and select Edit My Profile.

Enter your new password and click on Update. To open your website go to upper left side drop down menu and Visit Site. Your website will open in new tab. It’s a by default website but you can customize in your way and make it more attractive.

1st of all you need to install the theme on your website. Click on Appearance and theme. Click on Add New to get more available options. Select the proper theme and click on Install and once it installed click on Activate. Now, the theme is installed to your site. Check it out if you want to.

So, in this way, you can install the theme on your WordPress website.

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How to create a Website/Blog?

To know about creating a website/blog you should check my previous tutorial. Click here! to check it out.

I hope you like this tutorial.

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