How to Hard Reset iPhone

How to Hard Reset iPhone

How to Hard Reset iPhone

Hello, Once again I’m back with another awesome smartphone trick. So, In this tutorial I’m gonna show you a trick on iPhone. You can use this method to reset iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4S. So, If you are using iPhone any of this iPhone then you can use this trick to Hard Reset your iPhone.

If you are iPhone user and If you forgot your Passcode or If you want to sell your iPhone then you need Hard Reset it, because If you sell your iPhone to someone and he misuse your private information. So, Its very important to Hard Reset your phone before sell.

Now, There are 2 different methods for Hard Reseting iPhone.

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1st is official method but for this method you need MacBookPro.

1st of all turn on your MacBookPro. Now, Connect your iPhone to your MacBookPro with USB cable and open iTunes on your MacBookPro & make sure you have a latest version of iTunes on your MacBookPro. If you don’t have then Click here! to update.

Now, switched off your iPhone & wait for complete shut down. Once its completely off then enter into Recovery Mode.

To enter into Recovery Mode Press & Hold Power button & Home Button (for 10sec). Now, after 10sec you can remove your finger from Power Button only & keep holding Home Button (for 5sec). Once you entered in Recovery Mode then you will get a message on iTunes in MacBookPro that “You have entered in Recovery Mode successfully”. Now, click on OK and select Restore iPhone & Restore and Update. Now, reseting procedure is started and it will remove all informations and install latest iOS version on your iPhone. So, It will take some time. Please do not remove your iPhone from Mac between this procedure. Once procedure is complete then your iPhone will restart and select the option which you like. If you have iCloud backup then click on 2nd option to restore. Otherwise select 1st option to make your iPhone new!

All done! Have fun.

Now, we are going to talk about 2nd procedure. For this procedure you don’t need any Mac or PC to hard reset your iPhone. Before start this procedure you need to know 2 things;

1st is you need your Passcode &

2nd is you cannot restore your old backup. After this process your phone will become new purchase iPhone. So, If you agree with these 2 conditions then follow the procedure.

Now, Goto Settings on your phone and select General. Select last option Reset. Now, you have different options select whatever you want and enter your Passcode & select Erase iPhone. It will take around 3-5 mins to complete.

All done! have fun! Don’t forget to leave a comment.

Thank You.


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