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Video Compression – Step-by-Step Handbrake Tutorial

Video Compression – Step-by-Step Handbrake Tutorial

Video Compression – Step-by-Step Handbrake Tutorial

Hey, In this tutorial, I’m gonna talk about how to encode or compress video. You can’t upload the exported file from Final Cut Pro X or any video editing software direct on YouTube. Because it is a very large file so 1st you have to encode it and then you can upload it on YouTube.

Handbrake is the open-source software, which you can use to encode or compress video. It is for both Mac & PC.

Download & install Handbrake here. Once you install, open it. You will see the main window of Handbrake. Click on Open Source and select the video. Choose the destination. Click on Browse to select. Give it a name and choose where you want to save it. Click Save.

1st is Format, Choose your video format, If you want to upload this video on YouTube then select .mp4 otherwise .mkv and don’t forget to check Web Optimized. Click on the Video tab and 1st is Video Encoder.

Please leave it default. Next is a Frame rate. Choose proper Frame rate. If this video is gameplay video then select Same As Source. Otherwise select 30fps. Now, Quality 1st is Constant Quality which is in RF. A Higher value of RF gives less quality and small video file and vise verse.

If this is gameplay video then choose below 20RF otherwise choose 23-26RF. Next is Encoder Option. 1st is Preset, leave It default. Choose None for Tune. Please do not check Fast Decode.

Next is Profile and Level, choose Automatic for both. Next tab is Picture. Please leave it default. Now, Audio that is very important. You can add or remove tracks.

Choose your track and AAC codec, Stereo Mixdown, Automatic Sample rate and Choose 320kbps bitrate. You can choose 192-320 but in my opinion, you should choose 320kbps. Because it gives you better audio quality.

Next is Subtitles and Chapters, make it default. Please do not change it. Once you were done, click on Start to start encoding. It will take some time to encode the video. You can add multiple videos to encode.

Click on Open Source and add video and choose the settings and click on Add To Queue. You can add so many videos in the queue. You can check videos in Queue. If one video is completed then it will start to encode automatically.

If you are using Final Cut Pro X to edit screen-recording videos then please do not spend money to purchase additional software for Final Cut Pro X, which is Apple Compressor.

I’m not using Final Cut Pro X for screen recording videos. I’m using Camtasia. It is awesome software to record your screen and edit videos.

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Once your video is completed. Then you will get a message like Encode Finished. Now, check the video size and compare with actual video size. You will see some bigger difference.

I have a video, which is 31 sec, and it is around 486Mb but when I encode it, I become only 55Mb without compromise in video quality. So, this is the best encoding software I ever use.

That’s it for this tutorial, I hope you will get complete idea about Handbrake. Still, If you have any questions then you can ask me via comments.

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