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What is Google Adsense & How Does it Work?

What is Google Adsense & How Does it Work?

How to make money through Google Adsense?

Hey, In this tutorial, I’m gonna talk about Google Adsense. It’s a complete tutorial about Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is a program of Google. It is very useful to monetise your traffic of website, blog & YouTube channel and make money. It’s a totally free of cost, you don’t have to pay for it. So, you can monetize your website or YouTube channel and earn money. Once your channel is approved by Adsense then they will show some advertisements on your video and when your viewers/subscribers click on this advertisement then you will get paid by Adsense, not YouTube. Actually, YouTube doesn’t pay us. The advertiser pays YouTube to show ads on our video. Some part of money keep Youtube & some part they will pay us. Because advertisers want your traffic to promote their products or services & YouTube is the 2nd best search engine in the world. So, Advertiser selects YouTube for more traffic.

How to create Google Adsense account?

Open your web browser and search for Google Adsense. Select the link and you will get the Google Adsense page. Now, select Sign Up Now & new page will open. If you have a Google account then you can sign in through it otherwise create a Google account. Once you logged in, now you are in 2nd step. So, enter your website/blog/YouTube channel link & select a content language. Now, please read all terms & conditions carefully otherwise If you post any copyrighted content on your website/YouTube then they will block you on Adsense and you may lose your Adsense account and all earnings. Once you read all terms & conditions then hit continue.

Now, you are at the last page. Please enter your contact information. Select your country and time zone. select your account type. Enter Payee name please make sure name is same as bank account name. Enter your address and contact information and hit Submit My Application. Now, verify your phone number. Once your verification is completed then you will see a message like Your Application has been submitted and is being reviewed. It will take around 6-7 days for reviewing and once your application is approved they will contact you by email.

So, in this way, you can create Google Adsense account.

How to link your YouTube channel to Google Adsense?

To earn money by YouTube videos you have to link you youTube channel to Google Adsense. 1st of all you have to verify your Youtube account for monetization. (Don’t know how to click here!)

Once, your Youtube account is verified. Now, login to your account and open Creator Studio. Select Channel in the left sidebar and select 1st option Status & Features. Click on Enable Monetisation. Now, open a new page and it will tell you that your account is not enabled for monetization. Ok. then select Enable My Account & read all terms & conditions and check all boxes select I Accept. Please select ad Formats & make sure you uncheck last option Videos contain the placement of a product because you don’t promote products. Now, click on Monetise. Now, Monetisation is enabled for your YouTube channel.

How to monetise particular video?

Log in to your YouTube account and go to video manager. All your uploaded videos are there. Now, select the video which you want to monetise and click on the drop down menu (right side if Edit) & select Info & settings. Now, select 2nd option Monetisation & check Monetise with ads. Select ad format and save changes. So, in this way you can monetize particular video.

How Google Adsense work? & How to get paid?

Actually, income is not fixed because it depends upon the rate of ads in different countries. And one thing you should know is 100$ is a threshold value it means you cannot withdraw money before 100$. Adsense pay us, it means subscribers, likes, dislikes, comments does not depend upon earnings. Actually, views are also not depended on because per 1000 views how many times ads will show in your videos and how many people click on ads it depends on only. So, per 1000 views 500-700 times ads will show on your video then you will get a payment of 500-700 ads not for 1000 views.

So, It’s a reality and actually, Adsense works on this principle. In general per 1000 click not (views) Adsense pay 08$-0.9$ once again it’s not fixed its depends upon the country where your video is watched and click on the ad. Once you reach 100$ then you can transfer money through Paypal/bank account/cheques.

So, in this way, Google Adsense work & you get paid.

I hope you like this tutorial & I’m sure now you are completely aware with Google Adsense. But still, you have any questions regarding Google Adsense then leave a comment.

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Thank You.

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