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Overkill: 5 Ways to Force Quit an App in Mac OS X

Overkill: 5 Ways to Force Quit an App in Mac OS X

Overkill: 5 Ways to Force Quit an App in Mac OS X

Once again I’m back with another tutorial. In this tutorial, I’m gonna talk about Force Quit not working or apps couldn’t quit. There are 4 methods which I’m giving you through this tutorial. I also having this same issue so I’m giving this tutorial to help you.

It’s a very serious problem because you can’t even shut down or restart your Mac without closing all running apps. If you having the same problem then I have a trick you can you this trick to kill apps or relaunch.

Why Force Quit not working?

Actually, It’s not Apple fault. Sometimes developer also responsible for this situation because an app may don’t well built. So, whenever it stop working and it can’t be killed by Force Quit. When it happens, it will crash some necessary tools which are used to kill this app.

Sometimes apps have not been properly updated for a new operating system or may not compatible with installed OS.

Once you select that app and Force Quit (Command+Option+esc) but it will not kill then use these following troubleshooting options:

Force Quit using Activity Monitor:

You can see all information about installed apps, currently running apps, CPU performance, Network, Disk, Memory and much more on Activity Monitor. So, we are using Activity Monitor for force quitting an app.

  1. Open Activity Monitor.
  2. Go to CPU tab.
  3. Select the app which you want to kill.
  4. Click on the (X) button at upper left corner.
  5. When it asked for confirmation select Force Quit.

Suddenly that app will close if not then follow 2 troubleshooting method.

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Force Quit using terminal:

I know everyone may not comfortable to use Terminal but it is a very useful way to get rid of this kind of situation. So, you can also use Terminal to Force Quit any app.

  1. Open Terminal.
  2. Copy [ps -ax] this command and hit Enter. (Without brackets)
  3. Now, Terminal will show you a list of running applications.
  4. Select the app which you want to kill and copy PID number which is 4 digit number and at the starting of the application.
  5. Enter [kill <PID number>] without brackets and hit Enter.
  6. It will Force Quit If not enter [kill -9 <PID number>] without brackets and hit Enter.

The app should now Force Quit. To be frank, Terminal is the best method to kill an app but if you fail to Force Quit using Terminal then your problem is much bigger. But don’t worry I have another method for Force Quit.

Force Quit using Clean My Mac 3 app:

I faced this same issue and I tried different methods but I can’t succeed even using Terminal. So, I go for Clean My Mac 3 app and I completely uninstall an app. So, I’m sure this method will solve your problem 99%.

Click here to download Clean My Mac 3 app and it’s paid app follow this link to get complete information about it.

Once you downloaded, install this program and open it. There are different options in the left sidebar. Go to Utilities and select Uninstaller. It will show you the list of the apps which you installed on your Mac. Select that app and hit Uninstall. Uninstallation Successful it will show once it’s done. But if not then again select that app and in Smart Selector section 1st select Application Reset and then Select Complete Uninstallation. So, I’m 99% sure it will remove that app.

If not then you have the last choice and I think you know about it. It is Hard Reset/Factory Reset.

But you can’t even shut down you Mac because Mac will wait to quit all applications. so, you can’t shut down your Mac regularly but you have to Force Shut Down your Mac. To Force Shut Down Press and hold Power button and it will Force shut down your Mac and wait for complete shutdown. Once you completely shut down click here to know the further procedure.

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I hope you like this tutorial. Thumbs if you like and share if you love. If you have any questions leave your comments below.

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