Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

Final Cut Pro X Complete Tutorial [Latest Update]

Hey, In this tutorial, I’m gonna talk about Final Cut Pro X. It’s a complete tutorial about Final Cut Pro X.

Open Final Cut Pro X. If you open it for 1st time then you will see an empty window. Now, to check Final Cut Pro X version, which you are currently using then click on Final Cut Pro X and select About Final Cut Pro X. Currently, I’m using, 10.3.1 and I didn’t update it for 3 months because I’m very comfortable with this version.

So, If you are comfortable with any version then please don’t update it. 1st of all you have to create a library. But before you add library you should change some settings on it. So, again click on Final Cut Pro X and select Preferences.

Now, you will see 5 different types of options. Select Editing and go to Still Images. Change the settings with 5.0 Sec and 1.0 Sec for Transitions. Now, go to Playback and change Rendering time. Check Background Render and set 03 Sec for start rendering. Next is Import. In Files, select Leave Files In Place instead of Copy To Library Storage Location. OK. Now, you are ready to edit your videos.

To create a library, you have to go to File click on New and select Library. Give it the name and select where you want to place it and Save. Now, you can see the left sidebar, your library is created. You have to create Event for that, go to File click on New and select Event. Give it a name and select the library If you have multiple libraries and OK.

If you want to direct create Project then check the box Create New Project otherwise you can create it later. Now, you can see your Event is created at the left sidebar. You have to create Project because you can save your edited clip, audio etc. to it. So, Go to File, New and select Project. Give the project name and choose the Event.

If you want to customize the setting then select Use Custom Settings otherwise click OK to create a new project. In the custom settings, you can change Format, Frame Rates, resolution etc. Click on Use Custom Settings and select Format of your video.

The one thing I should clear that If you are making a video for YouTube then go for 1080p or If you are making a video for DVD then you should select 4K or 5K.

The resolution is automatically chosen by Format. Next is Rate, which is Frame Rates. I think you might know about it If you are a gamer or video editor. I’m giving you a simple definition of Frame Rates. If you choose higher frame rates then the video quality is awesome but it occupies a large amount of space and vise verse.

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So, If you are making a simple video for YouTube then you should select 24fps or If you are a gamer and you are making a video for YouTube then definitely you should select 60fps. Choose fps as per your requirement.

Next is rendering, leave it defaults. Select Stereo Audio channel and 48KHz sample rates. Once you were done, click Ok to create your project.

How to import the video?

To import video on your Project click on Down Arrow type button on the upper left side and choose your video. Once you select the video again check Leave Files In Place and Import Selected.

To check background tasks then click on the button, which is next to key type button. Here, you will see all background tasks. You will see your video, which is importing in Importing Media tab. If you didn’t see anything it means your video is completely imported.

How to trim/cut the video?

Once your video is imported then you can trim it. Click on your video and press I and select the ending of clip and press O. Now, to import selected part, you can press E or simply Drag & Drop it to the timeline. Again apply the same procedure and import other clips, which you want to include in your video.

You can use tools to edit or trim your video. You can edit your clip by using the trim tool. Put your cursor to the end of the clip and your cursor will change automatically to trim tool and simply drag and adjust your clip. You can use Blade tool, which is helpful to cut some part of the clip.

Press B to activate blade tool. Select the portion, which you want to cut and hit delete. So, in this way, you can trim & cut your clip. You can choose different tools to edit your clip and click on Arrow Drop Down menu to check tools.

How to add color correction?

If you shoot your video in daylight and night then you should add a color correction in the video. To add color correction, select the clip and click on Magic Icon. If you don’t know about color or something then go for Balance Color and It will set color automatically.

Otherwise, select Show Color Board and adjust color, saturation & Exposure. So, in this way, you can add a color correction to your clip.

How to increase/decrease audio & How to add audio correction?

If you have a clip with noise and error then you can correct this error by selecting the clip and again select the Magic Icon and Auto Enhance Audio. It will correct automatically and now, your clip has error free audio. If you want to increase/decrease audio then you will see the audio graph at the bottom part of the clip.

Simply put the cursor on it and drag upwards if you increase the volume vise verse. Maximum audio is 12dbs and minimum audio is infinite lbs (means mute). So, in this way, you can increase/decrease audio & add an audio correction.

How to copy/paste effect on other clips?

Once you add effects on one clip and if you want to add this same effects on remaining clip then you don’t have to do it again and again. It is very simple and easy to copy and paste the effects. So, select the clip which you added effects and Press Command-C to copy, now select the remaining clips on which you want to add this effects and Press Command-Option-V to paste. So, in this way, you can copy and paste the effects.

How to add transitions?

If you have more than one clip and when it change the clips It will loose some frames, to ignore this you have to add transitions between two clips. To add transitions, select the last option (2 triangle type icon) and add transition you like.

There are so many transitions, which you can add in your video. Choose one of them and simply drag and drop between the 2 clips. You can also add transitions at the beginning because when you start the video it will start direct. So, if you add transitions at beginning it looks good!

How to add effects?

To add effects, choose 2nd last option (2 rectangles type icon). There are lots of default effects on Final Cut Pro X, which you can use in your video. Select one of them and drag it into clip and Boom! It’s so simple and you can make your video more attractive.

How to add audio?

Before using any audio in your video, I have to tell you something. If you are making this video for YouTube or any commercial purpose then you can’t use any audio in your video because it has copyrights. If you want to use that audio for that you have to take a permission of the creator.

Otherwise, you can’t use that audio. But If you are making videos for personal use then you can use any audio for your video. So, make sure before using any audio.

To add audio, Click on music icon and add audio. It’s a default audio by Final Cut Pro X. You can use audio in your video. You can also import any external audio from Garage band & iTunes. Select the track and drag and drop to the clip. So, in this way, you can add audio in your video.

How to add text?

In Final Cut Pro X, you can add text in your clip. So, If you want to show specific things on video then you should add text on clips. Choose the part and click on T button at the upper left corner. There are so many titles, which you can use in your video.

Select on of them and drag it and drop on the clip. Now, add the text and choose fonts, size, color etc. You can customize it from the right side window. So, in this way, you can add text in the clip.

How to fast forward or slow down the video?

Select the clip, and click on speedometer type icon. If you want to slow down your clip then select slow otherwise fast. Choose the percentage and if you want to make it normal then select normal.

How to add watermark on video?

You will some videos on YouTube, The creator place the logo on the video so that no one can copy his content. So, it is very useful to save content. Import your logo in your timeline. Once you did select the logo and select square icon and Transform.

Make the proper size of your logo and place it in any corner and done. Again select the logo and put your cursor at the end of the logo and drag it towards the end. So, It will start with your video and ends with a video. So, in this way, you can add watermark on video.

How to Crop video?

Select the clip, and again select square icon and Crop. Select the screen, which you want to include in your video and done. So, it will include only that part which you crop. So, in this way, you can crop any part of your video.

How to set the screen at the backside?

If you see some video on YouTube, There are a creator who gives you information and behind them, you see some screen or monitor on which he puts his channel name or website etc. Actually, It’s not a monitor or screen It’s an effect of distort.

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To apply this effect, the part of your video, which you want to put on a screen. Again click on the square icon and select distort. Make the proper size of the screen and drag it to the proper place. So, in this way, you can add monitor or screen behind you!

How to export the video?

Once you did with it, you have to export it to upload or something. But in my opinion, you should save one master copy of this video. So, if you feel some problem in the video so you can again edit it and upload. So, please do not upload it directly to YouTube, Facebook etc. at least save one master copy of it.

For that, Go to File and Share and select Master File or Press Command E. New dialogue box will open and Next. Give it a name and select destination & Save. You can see the exporting process in a background task. Once it’s done, It will automatically open in QuickTime Player.

If you check the file size of the exported file then you have some large file. I have 31st sec video having 486MB. So, please do not upload it directly to YouTube. Use HandBreak to encode/compress your video and then upload it.

So, that’s it for this tutorial. I hope you will like it. Thumbs if you like and share if you love. Leave your comments below. I love to hear from you!

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Check for latest update;

Apple Final Cut Pro 10.3.1


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