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How To Erase & Factory Data Reset your Microsoft Lumia 640 XL

How To Erase & Factory Data Reset your Microsoft Lumia 640 XL

Hey, Once again I’m here with another tutorial & welcome you to Mac Specialist. Today I’m gonna talk about how to hard reset Microsoft Lumia 640xl. You can also use this procedure for any of your Microsoft Lumia phones.

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Please follow this procedure carefully and step by step:

(1) 1st of all switched off your phone.
(2) Then press & hold power button till your phone vibrate.
(3) Now press & hold lower volume button till “!” mark seen on your display.
(4) Press upper volume button, lower volume button, power button and once again lower volume button. (Follow the sequence)
(5) Once you see some gear system on your display it means you are ready to go.

Now, wait for at least 20-25 mins to complete this whole procedure.

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