18 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment

18 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment

18 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment

Hello, I’m back with another tutorial. If you are a student and want to earn money online by your skills or creativity then you can earn money by lots of different ways like YouTube, Stock Market etc. But If you don’t have any creative skills then you can also make money. So, in this tutorial, I’m gonna cover some methods where you can make money.

    1. YouTube Video Monetisation: It’s the best way (and it’s totally free of cost) to earn money but you need good video creating skills, video editing skills, unique & awesome video content etc. And the main thing you need is Audience. To grow your audience you have to create amazing videos. So, If you have these skills then its a best option for your career. You can make a career as a YouTuber. Now, the question is how to make money by these videos? For that, you need a YouTube channel & Google Adsense account. It’s very simple to create a Youtube channel. Click here! Now, you have to create Google Adsense account. Click here! Once you create Google Adsense account you have to connect your Youtube channel to it. If you don’t know how to connect YouTube channel to Adsense click here! Once YouTube channel is approved by Google Adsense then you can enable Monetisation on a particular video. They put ads on your video and If someone clicks on that ad or only watch ad then you will get paid. Please read all terms & conditions, privacy policy, guidelines, copyrights of YouTube & Google Adsense. Now, wait & watch!
    2. Dailymotion: I think you don’t about it because it’s not very popular as Youtube. It is also (and it’s totally free of cost) a video platform like YouTube & you can make money by uploading your creative content. But for Dailymotion, you don’t need Google Adsense because they have their own Monetisation program. But If you have a YouTube channel then you can upload all your YouTube videos on it and earn money. For that, you need Dailymotion account Click here! Once it’s completed then enable Monetisation Click here!. The good thing about Dailymotion is you can also Monetise your website. So, If you have a website then you can enable Monetisation on it & earn money. So, you can make money by YouTube & Dailymotion both. that’s great!
    3. Website: If you some budget, then it’s a good idea to earn money. Nowadays you can create a free website & blog on WordPress, Blogger, Wix etc. but it’s not gonna work. You have to purchase web hosting to create a website. Because Google Adsense couldn’t approve subdomain website/blog. So, If you want to earn money through your website then you have to purchase web hosting and create a website. (Don’t know how to click here!) Once you create a website, now it’s time to link your website to Google Adsense. Click here! Once Google approves your website then you can place ads on your website and earn money. click here!

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  1. Sponsorship: It’s also an awesome way to earn money for that you have to grow your channel (at least 100k subscribers). Or you can contact the company for sponsorship. If you are Product reviewer then make sure some companies contact YouTuber for Paid Reviews (Biased Reviews). They offer more money and want bias reviews. So, please don’t do that and don’t work with them, otherwise, you may lose your subscribers/viewers who trust on you. So, It’s not a good idea. If you want to use a product in your video then you can contact the company for sponsorship. Once they sponsor you-you can’t imagine how much you gonna earn! (If it is reputed company)
  2. Short links: When you open any website and see a link like adf.ly, bit.ly etc. its called short links. When you click on this link and you will go to an ad page and skip ad then you get actual linked page. So, it’s also like an advertisement. When you click on this type of link then creator got a commission. So, there are lots of short links providers but some trusted are adf.ly, bitly.com, shorte.st, goo.gl & tinyurl.com. You can create short links by these providers because I personally tested, no issues. (If you don’t know how to Click here!) Once you create short links then you can place it anywhere link in Youtube videos, website post etc. They give you money on clicks like in bit.ly they give 5$-12$ per 10k clicks. It’s not fixed because it depends on the country where your link in open. Payment is through PayPal. So, it’s also a good way to earn money for that you need good traffic.


  1. Affiliate Marketing: If you are an affiliate partner with Amazon, AliExpress, eBay etc. then you can promote their products on your website. Any viewer clicks on that affiliate link and buys that product then you will get a little commission. Its call Affiliate Marketing (and it’s totally free of cost). Commission rates depend upon products. For that, you need an Affiliate account & you have created an affiliate link of the particular product. (If you don’t know how to click here!). So, It’s also a good method to earn money but you need huge traffic on your website.
  2. UpWork & Fiverr: Its Freelance services. If you have good skills of writing, web developer, admin, programming & server etc. then you can use this Freelance services to earn money. For that, you have to create an account and manage good profile (Don’t know how to Click here!). Once your profile is complete then wait for clients. You can demand money per hours. Payment is through PayPal & Payoneer. So, it’s also a good method to earn money online.
  3. Selling Antiques on eBay: Do you have antique? Don’t you know how lucky you are? You may become a millionaire! There are lots of eCommerce websites are available on the internet but the most trusted website is eBay. You can buy, sell & bid also on eBay. So, create an account on eBay and start selling your antiques. (don’t know how to click here!) So, these are the best ways to earn money online.

I hope you like this tutorial & please leave comments below.

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