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How to Create Labels with Pages

How to Create Labels with Pages

How to Create Labels with Pages

Hello, I’m back with another awesome tutorial. In this tutorial, I’m gonna talk about how to create labels with Pages on Mac.

1st of all you have to create a group. If you don’t know how to create it then Click here!

Once you create a contacts group open group and select all contacts. Now, click on File & select Print.

A new window will open. Fill the info you want and select All Pages. Now, select Contacts & Mailing labels in Style.

When you select Mailing labels in the left bar Page will automatically edit. You can modify page from there. You can zoom this page and check all information is correct or not.

Now, select Layout. 1st is Page, select Avery Standard & enter the value but I recommend enter 8460. Whenever you enter this value it will automatically adjust as per value which you enter. If you’re not comfortable with it then again enter a value. Now, Hit print button.

All done!

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