A Beginner Guide To CJ Affiliate by Conversant MarketPlace

A Beginner Guide To CJ Affiliate by Conversant MarketPlace

A Beginner Guide To CJ Affiliate by Conversant MarketPlace

Hey, In this tutorial, I’m gonna talk about world’s best affiliate program CJ Affiliate. It is a complete tutorial and I’m gonna cover all the topic related to it. So, let’s get started with basics.

What is CJ Affiliate?

CJ Affiliate is one of the biggest affiliate network & online advertising company owned by Conversant, inc. They provide affiliate marketing network, which operates worldwide. There are lots of different companies you can promote like HostGator, Godaddy etc. and earn a commission. For that, you have to create a publisher account. Once you create an account of CJ then you don’t have to create particular companies affiliate accounts. So, that’s the good thing about CJ. Commission rates are high so you can earn high commission.

How to create CJ Affiliate Account?

To create a publisher account, click here!

It will redirect to CJ Affiliate website. If you want to promote other companies products then you have to create Publisher’s account. If you are a seller and want people who promote your products then you have to create Advertiser’s account. Choose whatever you want but in this tutorial, I’m gonna create publisher’s account and click on Free Publisher Sign-Up. Click on Sign Up Today. It will take you to Sign Up form. Choose your language, country, and currency. Fill the correct details. In 2nd page, Accept all terms and conditions. Enter your website details. Choose your promotion methods. Now, enter your contact details and Accept Terms. Once all done you will get your username and password through your email. So, in this way, you can create CJ Affiliate account.


How to get started with CJ and earn money?

Login to your CJ account. You will get a home page. There are so many options like Performace summary, Advertisers etc. To get best offers and sale click on Get links. Now, choose a category whatever you like. A new page will open and you see there are lots of advertisers want to promote their product. Before selecting any offer you have to make sure about some points EPC, Sale, Lead & Network earnings. If EPC of is high it means you will earn more and vice-versa. So, choose high EPC rates companies. Please do not apply to less than 30$ 3 month EPC. The sale means If anyone clicks on your link and purchases the product then they will pay this amount and It is in USD or %. Lead means If anyone clicks on your link and create a trial account then they will pay this amount. Network earrings show the total earnings by this network and If high It means they earn high. So, before choosing any offers you have to make sure about it. If you want to know about a company they click on icon or name. Once you decided to choose the companies by checking the box and click on Apply to the program. You can also apply multiple companies. Now, your request is pending and once it’s approved by the company you can create an affiliate link and earn money.

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How to create affiliate links?

The best way to generate affiliate link is Deep Link Automation. Login to your CJ account and click on Link Tools. Select Deep Link Automation and enter your website on which you want to implement. Choose options whatever you like and copy the code and paste it into body tag. Save changes and refresh your website and you will see the links are automatically generated. The good thing is you don’t have to update link because it will automatically update by Deep Link Automation. But It’s not working with all CJ advertisers. So, in this way, you can create affiliate links.


How to receive CJ Affiliate earnings?

CJ have direct deposit facility but there are some countries like India CJ did not provide this facility. You can receive CJ payments through Payoneer. If you don’t have an account Click here to Sign Up with Payoneer and get 25$. But If you have signed into Payoneer account. Go to USD receiving account details. Add your bank details to CJ Publisher account. Now you can receive your CJ earnings to Payoneer account.

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How to deactivate CJ Affiliate Publisher Account?

There are so many people asked me about how to deactivate CJ Affiliate account and I found the procedure and I’m sharing with you.

Open this link & login to your CJ Affiliate publisher account. Now, fill the contact form and don’t forget to write your remarks & Submit. Once submitted open your email id which you enter in the contact form. You see a mail from CJ Affiliate. They will contact you in 48 hours. After 48 hours you will get mail and your account will deactivate.

I hope you like it. If you did then thumbs & share if you love. Leave your comments below and tell me how much earn by CJ Affiliate or did it helpful to earn money? I love to hear from you!

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