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Asus RoG GL552VW Review

Asus RoG GL552VW Review

Asus RoG GL552VW Review

The top surface comes in 2 finishes, plastic & metal finish. It does not show fingerprints on it. It has red ASUS ROG watermark and it glows when boots up. The bottom surface is made of plastic and it has some air circulation slots. The weight is 2.6kg.

There is no subwoofer. It has a removable battery. On the side, you will get exhausted panel. It has RAM slots, SATA Drive and PCI MT socket. You can upgrade it by removing 2 screws. These all are upgradable.

The screen is flexible but less flex because of aluminum compared to other gaming laptops. Overall built quality is good. The hinges are well built. It is tight and perfectly tuned. It is not one-handed open.asus rog gl552vw

The screen is 15-inch 1080p. The color accuracy is ok. Viewing angle is not so good. The display is bright but not for outdoor. To be frank, I don’t like this display. Still, color accuracy is not so good so you can’t use it for video editing or content creation but it is good for gaming.

Ports are different compared to other gaming laptops, which I reviewed before. On the left side, AC power adapter, exhaust panel, USB 3 Type C, HDMI port, Ethernet port and 2 USB 3 ports, on the right side, Audio jack, DVD Drive, and single USB 2 port, On the front side, SD card slot which LED indicator.

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The keyboard is good. It has RGB red backlight. Keys are good and responsive. Key spacing is also good. It’s very comfortable for typing.

The trackpad is not so good. It has plastic surface and it skips while clicking. Buttons are good and it has the clicking sound. I don’t like a trackpad.asus rog gl552vw

It has 1TB 7200-RPM HDD, which is best for gaming, but if you want faster gaming experience then you should go for SSD. You can upgrade it.

The speakers are good and it is top facing. The sound quality is good and loud. The fans are quiet and mechanical drives are silent.

The gaming experience is awesome. It has GTX 960M with 2GB memory. Most of the games are running pretty well with maximum graphics on 1080p display it gives 60fps but the high-end games like The Witcher 3 you should set low graphics for a smooth run. If you turn everything low on 1080p display still you will get only 30fps on The Witcher 3 but you can play well.asus rog gl552vw

It has a 48WH battery. Battery life is good. For normal usage, less than 3 hours of battery life. If you play games at full brightness then you will get 1.5 hours of battery life. So, overall battery performance is good to compare to other gaming laptops.

This Asus ROG GL552VW gives you best-built quality at this price range, 2.6 GHz 6th Generation Intel Core i7-6700HQ which provides better performance, 15-inch 1080p non-touchscreen which is decent for gaming, GTX 960M with 4GB memory gives you awesome gaming experience, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB 7200-RPM Hard Drive & DVD drive, Keyboard is good and red RGB backlight gives great look. The trackpad is decent, not worst. Speakers are pretty good. The 48wh battery gives 3 hours of battery life and overall battery performance is good. It will cost you around $1000.

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So, in my opinion, I really enjoyed this laptop. If you are looking for $1000 budget laptop then you should try this one. It is best-built & awesome gaming laptop at this budget. The best thing about this laptop is DVD drive because in most of the gaming laptops didn’t have DVD drive. I know most of the users doesn’t use DVD drive but some gamers who don’t dependent on Steam, battle.net or Origin and consider purchasing DVDs then this option is useful for them. And the next thing is a removable battery. So, I love this laptop and I recommend it to everyone.

That’s it for this review. I hope you like it. Thumbs if you like and share if you love. Leave your comments below and tell me did you liked it or not? and what you think about it?

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