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Apple Watch 2 Review: Virtually Perfect

Apple Watch 2 Review: Virtually Perfect

Apple Watch 2 Review

Apple watch looks classy and modern compared to other smart watches. It has an aluminum case & very smooth rotating crown. Buttons are tactile and very responsive. The best part is, it’s a scratch proof. It looks pretty cool!

Sports band is included in the box so if you are using it as a fitness tracker then definitely you should use it with Sports Band. It’s a waterproof and 50m or 165feet underwater, I like this most because it’s a new feature and If we compare to the previous model, it’s only splash proof, not water resistance. So, this year model has some new and good features.

The best part is, the speakers are waterproof so when you play it then you will see it throws water out from speakers. So, this is another cool feature and the sound quality is also maintained.

apple watch 2

As I say, these bands are exchangeable. It is very simple to change the bands. On the other side, you will find a button near to band, just press it and wipe it out!

The screen is awesome. It’s too bright and you can use it in direct sunlight. It has in-built GPS tracker which it more accurate with compare to other smart watches GPS.

Another awesome feature, which I like most, is answering phone calls. You can answer the phone call from your wrist! The microphone is excellent and you can talk from your wrist if you are in the small room or silent place. But in crowd place, you have to put your wrist near to your mouth & ears for better communication. The sound of the microphone is very clear & loud enough. So, if you are in silent room or area then it works perfectly.

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Notifications come through nicely. For the text messages, you can reply back or send quick responses provided at bottom of the screen and also voice to text. Voice recognition is excellent and works pretty well. It also provides scribbling which works great. But it is not for me! Because my finger recognition is not exact with Apple recognition. But it’s an option so without typing full sentence you can type it by voice and scribbling. So, it’s great & I love it! Emojis are also available.apple watch 2

The home screen is good and there are lots of good options for backgrounds, which are default, and you can download more. Swiping right-left is decent because you have to swipe edge to edge for perfect swiping otherwise you can’t swipe properly. I tried so many times to get perfection! But it is good because it prevents accidently changing of the screen. Swipe down to open notification bar.

Press the button to get all apps and it works great. You can also rotate that button and see some changes on your screen. It is best because you don’t need to swipe more and more for apps. If you press the button long time then it enables Siri, which is great. You can also quit the app which running in the background or you forget to close that app. below the crown allows you to close the app.

As a fitness tracker, Apple watch is almost same compared to other fitness trackers. But Apple gives you some more interesting things on it. It gives you complete information of calories you burn, steps, movement and much more. You can see all your activity on a color chart. The movement throughout the day is indicated by Pink Color, Green color for exercise and how much you have been staining is indicated by light blue color.

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When you log into Run and it gives you a timer and BPM with sense your heartbeats, which is enough data but if you need more like bar chart and line chart of the activates you should try 3rd party app. Because this feature is missing in this watch.

Another awesome feature is accurate heartbeats tracking. As we know, most of the fitness trackers are not much accurate for heartbeats tracking, but this Apple Watch allows heartbeats tracking and it gives you more accurate results compare to another fitness tracker. This feature I like most in Apple watch!apple watch 2

The battery life is great. Apple claims 18 hours of battery life. To be frank, for regular usage, I got around 35-56 hours of battery life, which is awesome. It includes regular usage like fitness tracker, texting and checking notifications etc. These results you will get only when you don’t use it too much like check the time at every 5 mins, answering phone calls and listening music for a long time! [It doesn’t include this!] Otherwise you will get 18-19 hours of battery life that Apple claims. And if you don’t use it too much, then you will get around 2 days of battery life. It takes 2 hours to full charge.

In my opinion, I really enjoy Apple Watch Series 2. It gives you awesome look with awesome built quality. It is water resistance but not splash proof. You can use it 50m underwater. Waterproof speakers, which throw the water out from it. The bands are exchangeable. It is very easy to wipe it out. It also gives you sports band, which helps you while running and swimming. The screen is awesome and too bright. You can use it in heavy sunlight. Inbuilt GPS tracker is very accurate. You can answer the phone calls direct through the wrist. Notifications come nicely and allow you to reply, voice to text and much more. The home screen is good and it has so many inbuilt backgrounds. It allows accurate heartbeats tracking & very long battery life. It will cost you around $600.

So, If you are using Series 1 and want some more features then you should upgrade it. I know it’s over priced but it also gives you excellent features compare to other smart watches and fitness trackers. If you want only fitness tracker then this is not for you. You can try other fitness trackers. It is compatible with iPhone 5 and later. If you are Android user & other then iOS user then this is not for you. So, if you are looking for a smartwatch for your iPhone at this price rate then definitely you should try this one.

That’s it for this review. I hope you like this review. Thumbs if you like and share if you love. Leave your thoughts below and tell me you gonna purchase this or not and did you liked it or not which feature you like most? I love to hear from you!

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