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Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hey, Today I’m gonna talk about another way to earn money online which is Affiliate Marketing. In this tutorial, I’m gonna cover all topics related to Affiliate Marketing, what is Affiliate Marketing, how to apply for it, how to earn money, what you need before apply & how much you earn through Affiliate Marketing? Let’s get started with basics.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It’s one type of online marketing in which you have to promote products on your website or Youtube channel & If someone purchase that product from your link then you will get a little bit of commission. There are some leading eCommerce websites allow Affiliate Marketing & they want to promote their products through YouTubers & bloggers. The Commission depends upon the product which you promote so it will change with the product to product. If you have a huge audience then I recommend you grow your business.


How to apply for Affiliate Marketing?

There are lots of eCommerce websites which allow Affiliate Marketing. But I prefer Amazon, eBay & AliExpress. It’s a worldwide leading eCommerce websites. Before apply Affiliate Marketing, you must need a website/blog or YouTube channel on which you can promote their products. So, make sure you have at least one of them. In this tutorial, I’m gonna use Amazon. Now, 1st of all you have to select whatever you like but I’m using Amazon. You have to create an Affiliate Partner account of it. So, click here Amazon Affiliate & you will get the Amazon Associates page. Now, select your country and create an account. Click on Join Now For Free. If you have Amazon account then you can Sign up for it otherwise enter your email & click on I’m New Customer. Now, fill your personal information & create a password & Create Account. A new window will open and in Payee Name enter the name same as your bank account name. Now, fill all other information & click Next. Now, enter your website details name, URL & tell them about your website. Select other options which you like to tell them about your website & click on Next. Now, enter your phone number and verify it. Accept terms & conditions and hit Finish. Now, you create an Amazon Associates account successfully.

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How to earn money through Affiliate Marketing?

To share affiliate links you have created it. Now, login to your affiliate account. There two methods to create affiliate links 1st Site Stripe. To enable site stripe to go to Account settings. Select Associates SiteStripe option & enable SiteStripe. Now, you can create affiliate links direct to amazon website. You don’t have to log in here & create it. 2nd method is log in to Associate account & select Product linking & Product links and paste product link here. Click on Get link & select whatever you like text only, image only or both. So, in this way you can create affiliate links. Now, you can share this links to your website, blog & YouTube videos. To check commission rates go to Help & Advertising fee schedule. In this tab, you will get all information about particular product & commission. There are also other methods to share affiliate links. 1st is banners 2nd is widgets.


To create banners, go to product linking & select banners. Now, select the size and copy HTML code & paste into your website. If you are using WordPress then go to Appearance & widgets. Select Text widget and paste HTML code here & save. Refresh your website and your banners are live. If someone clicks on that banner and purchases anything then you will get a commission.

To create Widgets, go to widgets & your picks. Now, select anyone you like & select category, size & theme. Now, copy the HTML code and paste into your site. So, in this way you can create Widgets and promote products.

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How much you earn through Affiliate Marketing?

Earning depends on your audience. If you have a huge audience then defiantly you earn more. It also depends upon the product you promote. If you are promoting electronic products then you will get a small commission. Because Amazon gives very small commission on electronics. Commission rates also depend on upon in which country product is sold. To withdraw your earnings there are 2 methods. 1st is by cheque or Amazon gift Vouchers. If you want your payment in cheque then the threshold is 2500/- INR. So, you have to cross 2500/- INR to withdraw through cheque. But you have to submit some back documents, PAN details etc. If you want in Amazon Gift Vouchers you have to cross 1000/- INR. If you cross 1000/- or 2500/- in this month then you will get payment after 60 days (in Amazon). So, make sure you didn’t get instant payment.

So, in my opinion, you can earn through Affiliate Marketing but you need huge traffics on your site. Go for it, It’s an awesome way to earn.

I hope you like this tutorial.

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