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Hey there, I hope you doing well. It’s been a year now (01/11/2017). I started my journey a year ago. This 1-year journey was quite good. I learned my things in my life. My readers are also supporting me and encouraging me for doing this work. And I really appreciate that. I never thought that I have my own blog and people love my writing. Even I’m not sure at the time of buying the domain! Sometimes I thought, what will happen when people don’t read my articles? But when I read any comment on my post, then I feel that day will never come. Really you are my inspiration. 

Before one year, I was just a grad student who struggled for the job. But when I thought about starting some interesting, I think that was my life-changing idea. But the problem occurred while buying domain and hosting. As I said, I was struggling for the job. But I managed somehow and finally purchased. After that, I put all my efforts and hard work into it and now here I am!

I daily read many articles and blogs & I mostly prefer ShoutMeLoud, Search Engine Journal, MOZ, Labnol & WPBeginner. I learned many things from these blogs like SEO, Digital Marketing from Search Engine Journal & MOZ, WordPress from WPBeginner, Online Money Making & Affiliate Marketing from ShoutMeLoud & some unique concept of web apps from Labnol.

When I started my blog, I had no idea how it was going to be. Today, I have monthly more than 3000 visitors & 200 email subscriptions. These are all because of you & your support. One thing I want to share with you, If you love something or passionate about something then go for it, don’t think about future & live in present. Just be yourself and faith in yourself. I want to share a sentence, actually I read it somewhere, but I don’t remember the name of the person.

“If you have your own words then you have the power to change the world”

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