9 Reasons You Might Need to Rethink Your SEO Strategy Plan

9 Reasons You Might Need to Rethink Your SEO Strategy Plan

Sometimes you wonder, even if I have done proper on-page SEO and create quality backlinks than why I didn’t get more traffic? No doubt, you are getting more traffic but that is not that traffic which you want. Maybe you are not familiar with Google Penguin update. So, there are several reasons that stop your website growth.  So, if you feel the same then stick with this article until the end because I’m going to share some important tips which lead you to rethink your SEO strategy plan that helps you to get more traffic towards your website. And some other factors which stopping your website growth. Before starting, you should aware of how to create SEO marketing strategy for 2018.

9 Reasons You Might Need to Rethink Your SEO Strategy Plan

Aware of Google Algorithm Update:

The 1st thing before creating an SEO strategy is you should aware of Google algorithm update. For that, you should read Google Webmasters blog. Now, Google Webmasters send emails to their users if there any major changes to the algorithm. So, this is the good step of Google for their customers. If you still not get an email from Google Webmasters then go there and subscribe the newsletter to get updates. So, once you aware of the algorithm update then you can build the SEO strategy accordingly like what you should include or not.

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Make Your Website Responsive:

Nowadays, most of the searches on mobile devices. As per Google’s report, more than 60% of searches done on mobile devices. So, your website should be responsive. A responsive website means, your website looks same on all devices. If your website is not compatible with mobile devices then you may lose your customers or readers. If you are using WordPress then almost all themes are responsive. In my opinion, If you are a blogger or writer then you should create a blog using WordPress. Still, you are confused, use resize tool of your web browser.

Create the “Relevant” Content:

If you are still using popular website’s meta tags to manipulate Google then please don’t do that. It’s been so long Google update the ranking algorithm. Now, Google uses Artificial Intelligence to know about your content. So, if you are writing something about SEO and you use meta tags of top influencers’ like Moz or Neil Patel’s article then Google compare your meta tags with your content if both are relevant then okay otherwise Google count is as a spamming. And you may lose your current ranking. So, please don’t do this. And you are target many keywords for one articles or page then Google also count it as a spamming because of keywords stuffing. You can also drive traffic from YouTube videos by creating relevant content on YouTube.

Stop Creating Low-Quality Content:

Quality always matters in SEO. Content is the most important part of any website or blog. If you want higher exposure among people then you have to write quality content. If people love your writing only then they will come again to visit your blog otherwise they will switch to another quality source. So, you should write quality content. Quality as well as quantity matters. You should try to write long, informative & relevant content. Like if you are writing articles around 500-700 words then the chances of getting higher rank in search results are less compare to 2000 words article. So, quality & quantity of the content matters when it comes to SEO.

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Stop Using Automatically Generated Content:

There are so many tools out there that provide automatically generated content. Perhaps it may be spam, copy from another content or something. Google will not allow this type of content. So, instead of using these tools write something new & unique content. If you are still using these type of content, Google will give you copyright penalty.

Paid Link Building:

1000 backlinks of DA 80 websites at just $10” If you still purchasing these “high-quality backlinks” then you have to stop this. Because after Google Penguin updates, Google is getting very strict about web spamming. If your website having these types of backlinks or spam backlinks then your rank will go down even if you have quality content. So, don’t take a shortcut for link building and concentrate on creating high-quality backlinks.

Target Long-Tail Keywords:

I’m not telling you that short tail keywords are not important, it’s very important but when it comes to ranking, the chances are getting a higher rank is high of long tail keywords compare to short tail keywords. You should focus on targeting long tail keywords.

Stop Keywords Stuffing in Title:

Instead of targeting many keywords in the title you should consider giving the relevant title. Now, keywords stuffing in titles are no longer elements of Google ranking. So, stop keywords stuffing in the title and use schema markup to add a summary of your article or page & schema markup is a very useful tool which describes what is your page is about. So, Google & readers can easily understand your page.

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