7 Ways How to Convert Free Trials to Paying Customers

7 Ways How to Convert Free Trials to Paying Customers

Everybody loves to receive something in return for nothing; the free trials are based on this principle. A lot of companies offer their customers a period of a free trial of their products or services to give them a taste of it. Making them sign up for a free trial is quite simple; the real task is to get the free trial users to convert into paying customers and to retain them in the long run.

Try these 7 ways that will tell you how to convert free trials to paying customers:

Avoid aggressive tactics

Don’t bug your trial users constantly for singing up the paid service. Nobody is fond of a nag. Even if a user likes your product or service, the constant reminder will irritate them and will make them unsubscribe it immediately. Be considerate and appreciate in your reminders. Instead of saying in plain words, “It’s time to pay”, remind them about it through offers, helpful tips, and demonstrations and cultivate a healthy relationship with them.

The sense of urgency

Make your service so great that it creates a sense of urgency in the minds of the customers to register as paying customers.

Good content and great service will not only attract new customers but will also make the old customers renew their subscription.

Use the fear of missing out on amazing opportunities in forms of great products, greater service and greatest deals and offers in your favor. Offer time-sensitive deals that must be availed immediately and are difficult to turn down.

Be transparent

The more transparent you are in offering information about your product or service the better is the chance of converting the free trial users into paying customers. Include explicit details about the price, products, its terms, and benefits; don’t leave anything hidden or any surprises from your users. When the customers have to pay for a product or a service they check every possible detail of the product to find out if it will meet their expectations or if it’s at all worth the money. Your transparency about the cost and service will entice the users to pay for the service as well.

Screen Your Email List

If you use email extensively to connect with your users, start believing in the power of segmentation. Segment the company email list into different categories like the active trial users, semi-active users, and passive users; collect relevant data and personalize your email list accordingly. This personalization will earn you more leads, better click-through rates, lesser complaints and a lower rate of unsubscribing. Provide the active users with more advanced experience to retain their interest and attract the semi-active users by reminding them of the benefits they are missing out.

Set targets

A streak of competition burns brighter than a flame. This competitive streak of the people should be used as a potent strategy to convert the free trial users into paying customers. Create a set of goals for your customers to complete in a day or week and increase the level of difficulty with each level. The ability to meet new goals, tracking the progress and completion of the given task will gain the interest of the users. The itch to progress more each day will get the users hooked to your product or service and will entice them to find out more about its paid features. Use this endowed progress technique to get a stronger and more positive response from your users.

Keep it simple

If you think your work is done, once you have enticed the trial users to sign up as paying customers, you are wrong. The real work begins once they have made their mind to join the paying caravan. Your task is to ensure that the process of signing up is short and simple. There is always a lingering fear that you may lose your potential customers if the process is too demanding or lengthy. Too many questions can make the users cautious and reluctant to sign up. Cut to the chase and keep the process short and simple to incorporate just the significant details. Limit the process within2-3 steps for better response.

Collect feedback

Getting a feedback is important; it not only enables you to improve your product or service but also gives the users a sense of belonging. Use the potent tool of feedback to learn about your shortcomings and to connect with your users and find out how to convert free trials into paying customers.

Good content and quality service are the keys that help a company to earn new and retain existing customers. Make sure that the service and quality of your brand are top-notch so that your existing free trial users want to convert into paying customers.

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