How to Write an Email to Sell a Product

How to Write an Email to Sell a Product

In today’s corporate scenario, being proficient in writing a professional email has become an art in itself. Writing an email requires a good vocabulary, competence in the language he or she is writing the email in, and an expert knowledge on the formal email structuring.

However, when it comes to writing promotional mailers or emails that are subject to selling product, the above qualities are not just sufficient.

Along with great skills in knowing how to write a good email one should also possess a strategic mind to know what attracts its customers.

Hence, to know how to write an email to sell a product, the content showing the relevance of the product as well as extra tricks are very important to be incorporated in a mailer so that your target at the end of the day gets fulfilled.

In this article, we will discuss some of the techniques in how to write an email to sell a product to implement them in your real-life experiences.

Before we start, we need to know a few basics of this particular case that is, when we write an email we usually include the following:

  • A subject line
  • To whom it is addressed
  • Opening Statement
  • A body or the content
  • Closing Statement
  • Signature or sign off

Now, first of all, we need to understand that this pattern does not necessarily have to be the basis of a promotional email. A promotional email should be attractive and should highlight the necessary contents required for a customer’s attention and appeal.

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In order to understand this, we follow a few tips on how to write an email to sell a product given as follows:

Compelling Subject Line

The first step to make your viewers actually want to read the entire mail is to make them read the subject line and click on the mail to read it. So, before doing anything else you need to think of a very tempting subject line which lures your target audience to want more.

Skip the formal Intro

Once your viewer opens the mail, they would want to jump right into what is their benefit out of it. If at that point they are greeted with a formal sentence like “Hello, how have you been?” Your mail is bound to end up in the trash. So, instead of boring with those formal introductions, cut right to the chase or even better include a photograph or a link to some interesting videos related to the product or offers.

Visual Aid

Your mail body should not be a bunch of formal sentences. Nobody likes to read all that. Instead make your emailer design more visually appealing with pictures and storylines, so that the viewers stay interested. It also shows a great amount of professional effort from the company’s end and makes it more promising.

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Keep it Short and Simple

The old book’s theory of keeping it short and simple applies here too. Readers want to read what they see, not what you are trying to show them. So, instead of circling around- make your product more informative and let them know how it benefits them and why they should buy it.

Add a personalized touch

No matter whom you are, people love to get importance even if they know that it is a bulk mailer. Adding their names as a part of the introduction or somehow making a storyline about the product relatable can gain a lot of audiences.

Connecting Ease

Most people these days do not prefer going through long mailers as people are aware of these marketing strategies. So, the best thing to do is adding links of your product’s page to your website or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. which gives the audience to get a more friendlier view of your product and your company and ease to access it.

Call to Action

Now, remember, since you are not following the conventional rules of mailing, when you are making the concluding statement you better write simply one or two short lines which makes your viewer want for more. And when that happens a “CTA” button can directly help them connect to the customer care executives or the salesman to directly ask questions or resolve queries related to the product. This automatically gives you a chance to lock in most customers who call.

Now that you understand the basics of constructing a mailer to sell a product, you are being an entrepreneur should always understand the value of the customer’s time. Creation of a gripping content can be very easy if you have a good writer on your team. Strategically placing all pictures and links is also not a very hard task with an efficient marketing team. But what is most important that you truly and genuinely understand and connect to the heart of your audience through a typical email and that is when you know that you have nailed it.

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