7 advanced SEO analysis Techniques That Increase Website Traffic

7 advanced SEO analysis Techniques That Increase Website Traffic

The main job of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to increase the visibility of a website or traffic on it. It is also utilized to place a website on a high rank on the page of the search engine results page(SERPs). As per the survey, simple search queries account for 80% of a site’s Website Traffic.

It is the responsibility of the company to learn SEO so that they are able to device sound methods that would help them to manage the company website easily and more effectively.

The following are some of the advanced SEO analysis techniques, which would help increase the Website Traffic on a site:

SEO Audit on a website

It is a process that evaluates the search engine approachability of websites in a given number of areas and is crucial for increasing Website Traffic. Utilize SEO Audit not only to boost the website’s Google rankings but also to analyze the reasons that hinder the search traffic and potential sales. Identify the shortcomings through this SEO analysis technique and utilize the information to improve the website’s performance and to track potential goals.

Optimize Landing Pages with SEO

The optimization of landing pages does wonder by aiding in the improvement of generating lead and sales. Landing pages consist of certain characteristics, which deem the pages appealing to the decisive algorithms. Appealing to the algorithm is an important SEO analysis, an algorithm of a page decides if it is valuable for the people searching for information or not. Number of landing pages that have created content, a Call to Action feature and has a balanced distribution of Long Tailed Keywords, give an opportunity to increase the search traffic

A Mobile-Friendly Website

While developing a website, be sure to check and consider the look and feel of your website across various mobile devices. A mobile phone with an internet connection has become one of the most important sources of accessing information online. More people are using mobile phones to search for information, owing to its portability and ease of access.  It makes it important to design a mobile-friendly website for more visibility online. There are a number of mobile testing tools available online to check your website, utilize one to check this SEO analysis functioning on mobile devices.

Utilize infographics

One of the most full proof ways to grow your website traffic is by utilizing infographics, it is deemed as a potent marketing tool for blogs and websites. The feature of infographics to display even complex information in a very easily understandable way acts as the best strategy for reaching out to millions and keeping them engaged from the beginning. This SEO analysis technique is potent in generating increased Website Traffic through web searches and social media.

Optimize Website Content

Having an engaging content is the key to increase the Website Traffic of a site and its ability to boost revenue. This SEO analysis technique is all about achieving the right balance of quality content and optimization. To boost the visibility of a website it is vital that one is aware of the current SEO practices and Google algorithm Updates to stay ahead in the game of search results.

Utilize social media

Over the years, social media has emerged as one of the greatest tools of communications. It has not only become the most sought-after medium to connect people but has also emerged as an important platform of promotion. Several marketing strategies are developed and updated each day, keeping in mind the functioning and reach of social media among potential customers. Generate quality contents, use potent SEO analysis tools and share them on popular social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to ensure more visibility on search engines. Utilize social media as a tool of promotion for your site by sharing your content through it on a global scale.

Update Old Content

Find out an effective way to update old images and data that has been generated by your site over the time. Updating old and existing content will add a dose of freshness to the site and will generate a flow of organic traffic. Utilize analytical tools to find out the best performing posts on your site in the past few months and give a boost to more visibility. Do a thorough SEO analysis and then work on revamping your old posts; update old posts with more links and data to boost renewed organic search traffic. Optimize keywords and broken links, change old data and broken images for a better chance of visibility. Create new but also build up old content on a regular basis to land upon it, when there is a limited or restricted amount of organic traffic on the site.

If you are sorted with these 7 advanced level SEO analysis techniques then your online website traffic will shoot up in no time!


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