7 Reasons Why Email Marketing is So Important

7 Reasons Why Email Marketing is So Important

Nowadays people think that SEO is enough to get traffic to your website. Yeah, I agree but it’s not completely agreed. They don’t even try other options and when it comes to email marketing usually they say, why email marketing? So, today, I’ll discuss 7 reasons why email marketing is so important?

Because just think about it if you are a website owner and selling some services or products. You prepare on-page & off-page SEO strategies as well. And you get organic traffic too. But the problem occurs when you don’t get any conversion. And you blame your SEO strategy and try to fix it. That’s it. You consider only one factor which is SEO for your overall website growth. Instead of just depends on SEO try some other factors like email marketing, influencer marketing etc.

SEO is the practice of getting organic traffic to your website. The conversion rate does not depend on SEO strategy, it completely depends on your marketing strategy. Like how you promote your products, you are targeting audience or not, target audience love your products or not? So, there are many factors that matter to your marketing strategy. That’s why email marketing is the best way to promote your new product or services.

Email marketing is getting more and more popular these days. As per Inbound Rocket, more than 34% of people in the world use emails. And the best part is these numbers are continuously increasing. So, just think about, you have the list of people who showed interest in your product before and you are launching a new product in the market then, I think you have everything to rule the world! Now, you only need an effective strategy and email templates that’s all. So, it’s so simple but the main part is you have to grow your email list and update it on regular basis.

Email marketing is a personal way of reaching your target audience. Creating a strong email marketing strategy takes your business to the next level. Here are the 7 reasons;

7 Reasons Why Email Marketing is So Important

Reach Target Audience Easily

As I said earlier, email marketing is a personal way of reaching your target audience. You have a list of people who show interest in your product. That means when you launch a new product or offers and discount then you just have to email them. And nowadays people are using mobile devices more than pc or laptop for web browsing or checking emails etc. So, your email template should be responsive to get more CTR from mobile users.

But when you compare email marketing with other online marketing strategies like SEO, Content Marketing etc. then you will find that you get more CTR & more engagement from email marketing compared to other strategies.

Keep in Touch With Your Audience

If you have an email from any person then you can contact him directly. People getting your emails because they subscribe your newsletter. So, if you send them proper content that they want to read them if they find any mistake or any question about your article or product then email is the best way to contact. Like think as consumer’s perspective, you are receiving weekly emails from the popular brand and you have any question or inquire about their product then you can directly content them via email. Once you contact the brand, they also get the idea that you are interested in their product. So, in this way, you can keep in touch with your consumers and build a strong relationship with them.

Create More Engagement

Emails are now one of the major communication platforms for all including B2B & B2C. It completely depends on you how you are using it? As I marketer, it’s a very important tool for me like for conversation with clients or for email marketing campaign or sells any of my eBook etc. You can customize email template as per your need like if you are running an email marketing campaign then you can use only text, you should build it more attractive so that people get attracted to it and you get good CTR. So, as I said, it’s upon you, how you are building the email template and how using it?

But in my journey, I found email marketing is the best way to create more engagement compare to social media. I’m sure some of you might not agree with me.

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Easily Track Email Marketing Campaign

There are many tools on the market right now allows you to get tracking of your every email you sent. Including delivery date and time, open rate, CTR, unsubscribe rate etc. And this information is very important for each successful email marketing campaign. There is one tool which I’m using is Mailtrack which is also a tool for the newbie. They provide a free account which allows unlimited tracking with Mailtrack logo. If you don’t want a logo then you have to upgrade your account for $2-$3 per month with some additional functionality.

I like Mailtrack and still, I’m using it. If you sent an email to the client and everytime client opens it you will be notified. You can also check the device on which email is read and the timing. By using this tool you can know how many of your subscribers open your email. You can also use other tools like MailChimp, SalesWings, and Voluum. These are also a great tool for email marketing.

It’s Not Too Costly!

Yeah, people think that email marketing is very costly, it requires high investment and blah blah blah. Well, these are all myths. As I said earlier, you can start email marketing from just $2-$3 per month by using Mailtrack. There are other tools that you can use for email marketing. If you want to start with free then you should you Mailtrack because it allows unlimited email tracking for free. When you upgrade your plan then you will have additional functionality real-time notification, link tracking, CRM integration, G Suite compatible and much more. So, if you want to start with email marketing then you should use Mailtrack. It’s so easy and affordable email marketing tool.

Increase Brand Awareness

You might think about social media when it comes to brand awareness but I have to tell you that email marketing is the best way to increase brand awareness. Because in email marketing the main advantage is you have an email id of a customer who is interested in your product. But when it comes to social media, you don’t know the people who follow you. There are several reasons why they are following you on social media. No doubt, you will get more reach by sharing information on social media but the chances of conversion are very very less compared to email marketing.

That doesn’t mean that you have to send daily 4-5 emails about your new product. If you do this then definitely customers will unsubscribe you. So, instead of doing this, just think about brand awareness and email in a proper way.

Promote on Specific Day

This is the best advantage of email marketing that you can promote any product or offer on a specific day it may be a birthday, anniversary, festival etc. Like today is the birthday of any of your customer and you want to offer him a discount then you just have to prepare the email template, add the discount code and send it to him. And you are done! So, this is the advantage of having customers email and this is why email marketing is so popular till now.

I hope you like it. Thumbs if you did & share if you love. Leave your comments below and tell me what you think about email marketing & how you use it to get more leads.

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