7 Link Building Strategies for Driving Quality Traffic

7 Link Building Strategies for Driving Quality Traffic

Having a strong visibility in the market is very crucial for a brand to emerge as successful in the long run. A company’s brand image can only be harbored through brand awareness and for creating that awareness it is necessary that more people are exposed to the presence of the company’s brand.

In this digital world, it has become extremely important to have a solid online presence; each brand is doing its best to make its brand more visible than others. Link building strategies is an important facet of gaining visibility in the market by promoting a flow of quality traffic towards a brand’s website.

The following are 7 link building strategies, which can boost the drive of quality traffic on a site and earn backlinks:


You must have lost count of how many times you have fallen for this smart strategy and clicked on links while surfing the internet. Creating web content that is rich in quality is an absolute must if you want this link building strategy to work. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and think, what would appeal them to share it on the internet.  Scrutinize your content from the point of view of your target audience and gauge its merit. Remember, the content should be attractive and have an interesting vibe about it. Add some unique insight, helpful tip or survey, text video or relate to a hot topic for more appeal.

Guest blogging

One of the post-effective link building strategies, guest blogging not only gets you website traffic and earns backlinks but also increases your number of audience.  In order to have an effective impression, stay away from poor quality guest blogging. Some very useful tools are available online that help you in finding out and approaching the most suitable guest bloggers for your content, use them and improve your web presence.

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Ego Bait

Although this has been around for a while, it still continues to be one of the most effective link building strategies. Generate content that strokes the ego of your target and makes them share your content to a wider audience. This works better when your target is an established name in an industry and actually shares your post. Ego bait ensures a rise in website traffic and adds authority to your post, therefore be creative to garner more attention. Mention an influential target in your posts and photos, get their interview and quotes and share your post on a popular public platform and witness how link building strategies are set in motion.


This one of the favorite link building strategies for SEO experts. Guest-O-Graphics is an attractive combination of guest posts and infographics; it is a popular way of generating quality traffic and overall ranking improvement. The use of fun colors, images and text makes it more appealing and memorable, which makes them worth sharing on popular social platforms. The attractive and sharable features of Guest-O-Graphics increase website traffic and also create brand awareness in the audience.

Relevant keys

Make the discussion forums your stage and work your magic on it as you work on your way through the potent link building strategies. Be active on the popular social forums but always contribute something helpful that is relevant to the topic in question, so that users feel encouraged to visit the links that you are promoting. Select niche platforms and its popular forum for sharing your content, so that the chance of increasing your website traffic remains high.

Diverse approaches

You need to widen your horizon while choosing effective link building strategies. Sticking to one or two link building tactics would fail to bring notable quality traffic over time. While there is a basic set of approaches that you must steer clear from for gaining quality traffic, there is no specific set of tactics that you must abide by. Put on your thinking caps from time to time and find out the best link building tactics across various platforms, which can be used to increase traffic and sustain the unsteady algorithms of Google.

Be Unique

Last but not the least be unique. Do not copy the link building strategies of your competitors blindly, if you want to create a niche in the market. If you imitate your competitors and their strategies, you will fail to project your brand as an independent and unique entity. A strong brand image and stronger brand awareness can gain you quality traffic and increase your audience base. Focus your energy on building a quality brand and select link building strategies that suit your brand’s image. Find out what works best for your brand and reach out to your audience in a unique way.


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