7 Hacks for Choosing a Brand Name for your Product

7 Hacks for Choosing a Brand Name for your Product

When Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name?” little did he know that in the future it will be everything that will decide the success of a brand and its products. While choosing a brand name for your product there are bound to be questions like Will the name connect with the crowd? Will it describe our motto well?  Can it become outdated over the time? When it comes to your product, one thing is for sure, the name that you give your product will stick around till the end of its years.

Follow these 7 hacks for choosing a great and suitable brand name for your product that will help it to create a niche in the market:

Be suggestive

Choose a name for your product that is suggestive and not descriptive. There is nothing wrong about a descriptive name; in fact, it will help a product get discovered in the various channels of search marketing but in the long run, it will limit your business and restrict its growth when you would want to diversify its range. Having a suggestive name allows the business to extend and diversify the brand on a larger scale. 

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Words are important but what is more important is that you stick to real words and not something that you cooked up during a 3 A.M. brainstorming session.  A real word will improve your chance of securing trademarks and URLs through auto-correction of misspelled words. Quit making it more difficult for your target customers by using a name that is difficult to spell, pronounce or even remember. The trick is to use a common word or phrase for a very unconventional product or purpose to help them remember it easily.

Short is In

When creating a new social profile, have you noticed that there is always a limit to the use of the characters? Keep that in mind while choosing a brand name for your product. A short and simple name makes it easier to enlist a product’s name both in the online and offline catalog.  Keeping things short has its own share of merits and it also stands true when it comes to choosing a brand name for your product.

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Find a purpose

Always be clear about the value and purpose of your brand product before landing upon a name for it. When you want to conquer a pretty competitive market, it is only a wise choice to come up with a name that hints at your product’s USP. As for the product that is rolling out from a start-up with a little to no competition in the market, there is no harm in choosing a name that’s a bit of descriptive and also suggestive in its tone.

Know your crowd

The success of any product depends on its ability to cater to the targeted audience. It is only possible if you know your target audience well. Find out more about their taste preferences, requirements, and lingo to choose a name that connects with them and appeals to their needs. The name of a product is what a target group notices first, be sure to choose something that makes them identify and connect with the product.

Think global

The internet has turned the world into a small village and has reduced the distance considerably; use this advantage in your product’s favor. Even a local product has an opportunity become a global name these days all with the help of good marketing tools. To transform your product into a global one, the first thing is to pick a name which will appeal to the global audience and make them feel a connection with it. Avoid using words or lingos that might upset the culture of any country or society.

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Careful about the competition

If your brand product has an extremely competitive market, it is crucial that you stay away from picking names that sound similar to your rival brands. In fact to be on the safe side avoid using a name with a similar alphabet as theirs. You wouldn’t like it if your brand product got lost in the crowd of a bunch of similar sounding rivals or similar spelling names. Create a unique identity for your brand product by choosing a name that is not only unique but also conveys the underlining idea of the product.

The future of any brand product depends on the level of the brand awareness and the brand loyalty in the target market and the name of the product helps it to build the foundation for those pillars. Always choose a name that provides an insight to the target customers about its brand promise and its deliverance. Be wise in your choice.

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