10 Quick Tips Regarding How To Rank For Featured Snippets in Search

10 Quick Tips Regarding How To Rank For Featured Snippets in Search

To rank for the featured snippet is very important to get a high amount of organic traffic. As per SEJ‘s statement, nearly 30% of Google search results contain featured snippets. And Google continues to increase this numbers. You should know the importance to get top most position [Position 0] in SERP. But the major question is how to rank for featured snippets in search? In 2017, Google shows the topmost result in different styles. So, I collect almost every different types of featured snippets & put it together.

When I search for how to make a chocolate cake, Google shows me an NDTV’s article with image & website link. So, it’s a featured snippet, looks different compared to other results of SERP. Basically, it’s a topmost result also called Position 0, it obvious that it’s CTR is high compared to other search results. So, to get a high amount of organic traffic your article should be rank for the featured snippet.

how rank featured snippets

Google started showing featured snippets from 2013 according to SEJ. And here is the criteria of Google for displaying a featured snippet;

When we recognize that a query asks a question, we programmatically detect pages that answer the user’s question, and display a top result as a featured snippet in the search results.

As per Google’s statement, Google programmatically determines whether a page contains an answer to the user’s question or not and displays the result as a featured snippet. If you want to rank in the featured snippet? Here are the top 10 tips you should consider to get rank in the featured snippet.

Clear the Difference Between Featured Snippet & Rich Snippet

A Rich snippet is the structured markup data which you can create by using schema.org which means you can create a rich snippet for your website or post or webpage to get higher ranking in SERP. But when it comes to the featured snippet, it is determined by Google. You can’t create it. It is programmatically created by Google when any user searches for the certain terms. So, both things are different & both are very important for SEO perspective.

Check Featured Snippet Using 3rd Party Tools


1st of all you should check whether your website is rank for a featured snippet or not. There are many tools out there which allows you to check featured snippet on your website. You can use SEMrush, Moz or Ahrefs tool & it also shows you that in which format featured snippet is ranking for your particular post. That’s cool! Right? Once you check that your website is ranking for featured snippet then you can go further.

how rank featured snippets

10 Quick Tips Regarding How To Rank For Featured Snippets

The Format of Featured Snippet

When you check your website by using 3rd party tools and you found that your article is ranked for featured snippet which is the best thing happened to your website but you should also check the format of the featured snippet. Both must be same or if not then try to fix it. Because if the user wants the information then Google gives him as many information he wants. So, Google automatically adds some data in featured snippet so the user gets anything he wants in one place. So, create your content with full of information and try to make in the same format as a featured snippet.

Page 1 Ranking*

You might wonder, why I use “*” instead of “:”? Usually * is used for “Required” field & to get rank in featured snippet your website must rank on 1st page of SERP for particular search term otherwise it is impossible to rank for the featured snippet.

You should properly optimize your website to rank on 1st page of SERP. Once your website is rank on 1st page of SERP for particular search term then you should follow the further steps.

Research & Development the Opportunities

Once you get ideas about your website like, is it currently rank for featured snippets?, is it rank on 1st page of SERP for the particular keyword? then you should do the research for the opportunities on Google, how people are searching on Google! Like you should try some phrases we discuss previously like how to make a chocolate cake, What is SEO etc. to get ideas about how & on which types of phrases Google gives the featured snippet. And try to create the content regarding it.



how rank featured snippets

Like if you are writing about SEO then you should add some paragraphs regarding what is SEO, how can I get rank on 1st page SERP, How can I increase the number of backlinks etc. And try to give a proper answer in 80-90 words because in featured snippet Google allows 80-90 words. So, chances of getting rank on featured snippet are high.

Be the Best at Answering

Most the examples we discussed earlier are the questions & the most accurate, informative & relevant answer is rank for the featured snippet. So, you have to be best in answering the questions which users ask usually. While answering the question one thing you should keep in mind is, give a proper answer in detail with table or graph.



how rank featured snippets

When you search for “how to install Kali Linux on mac” there is a document file of kali.org is the featured snippet of this search term. They describe the proper method for images. So, you should answer the questions in details to rank for the featured snippet for the particular search term.

Improve your Grammar

If your grammar is good then your content may be rank in the featured snippet. Your content should be grammatical mistake free to get higher rank in SERP. Grammar also affects your overall ranking because Google never wants their users to read incorrect information. So, you should use Grammarly or Ginger or other online tools to recheck your grammar.

Write the “Summary Paragraph”

Summary paragraph means the summary of your article describes in one paragraph. This summary paragraph basically placed at the end of the article like the conclusion. But when you write the article about What is SEO? A Step-by-Step Guide then you should add one “Summary Paragraph” about What is SEO? at the starting of the article. It should be well written without any grammatical mistake and properly describe the SEO definition. It increases the chances of getting rank for the featured snippet for what is SEO search term.

on page seo everything you need to know

Start With the Answer!

As I said in my previous step, you should add Summary Paragraph in your article. The same thing happens here but you should start your article with the answer. Like if someone asks you anything and you reply to him so the user gets everything he needs at one place which increases your CTR. But instead of this, you replied the proper answer after some irrelevant lines, then he may ignore you and move further. So, start your article with the answer to get rank for feature snippet.

Local Business Also Rank for Featured Snippet

As I said at the beginning of the article, nearly 30% of Google search results contain featured snippets and these numbers are increasing. While moving around the search engine, I found the feature that I didn’t know that is, the local business also rank for the featured snippet.


how rank featured snippets

Search for “SEO jobs” & you will see the featured snippet of the local jobs. Like if you are Indian and you are living in Mumbai & you search for the same phrase, you will see the featured snippet like jobs in Mumbai. So, now you have the proof & you can say that the numbers of featured snippets are increasing.

Check “People Also Search” Tab

When you ask Google, Google gives the featured snippet with lot’s of SERP results & also “people also search” or “related results” which is very helpful to get ideas about the keywords, topics etc. So, you can get the ideas about what people are searching, most relevant keywords so it is very helpful for keyword optimization.

In this way, you can rank for featured snippet & there are many other ways to rank for the featured snippet. The featured snippet is the most important thing when it comes to SEO because you can drive a high amount of organic traffic to your website.

That’s it. I hope you like it. Thumbs if you did and share if you love. Leave your comment below and remind me if I forgot to mention something.

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