I’m going to pay fine!

Pay Fine!

Hey, Lokesh here & welcome to Mac Specialist. Today, I’m going to pay traffic fine for over speeding!!! I’m living in Surat. I’m creating this Vlog which has a procedure to pay Surat Traffic Police Fine. So, Please watch this video till the end. So, you will get complete information & procedure of it.

It’s very simple, You gotta mail of fine by Traffic Police. So, check out the mail and make a cheque of fine amount. Now, cut the lower part of your mail and attach with a cheque. And go to the nearest branch of ICICI Bank. Otherwise, you can go to any branch of ICICI Bank of your city. Now, Find the cheque box or contact to any staff member of ICICI Bank & drop both into the box(please make sure you attach both).

So, in this way, you can pay your traffic fine.

Check out the site, & get the info of your fine and collection center.

This site is only for Surat city.

I hope you like my 1st Vlog. Tell me about it in comments.

Thank You.