How to Search Videos within a YouTube Channel on Smartphone

How to Search Videos within a YouTube Channel on Smartphone

Hello, YouTube is the 2nd large search engine. Daily 1B views on YouTube worldwide. There are so many people daily stream YouTube and stay connected with it. YouTube provides the best functionality to search particular video, monetization & advertising through videos and much more. There are more half billion people mostly stream YouTube on mobile devices compared to laptop/PC. So, there is a feature YouTube gives only on PC/laptop, not on mobile devices.

You might see while streaming YouTube on PC/laptop, if you are following any YouTuber and you check out some interesting videos on his channel then you use the search function to search any particular video of his channel. But when you are streaming on mobile devices like Android, iOS & Windows, you won’t find that search button which allows searching within the YouTube youtube videos

So, to overcome this issue, there is “YouTube Search Engine” app which can help you to overcome this problem. You can sign in with your Google account. You will see some kind of YouTube search engine there. The best part is now you can use this website on your smartphone instead of using official YouTube app.

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search youtube videos

Once you log in with your YouTube account, you will see the subscribers list on the “Select YouTube Channel” drop-down box. Now, select the YouTuber and enter the name of the video on “YouTube Search Query” and hit Search. You can’t add multiple accounts but you can switch the accounts. Click “Logout” and login to your new account. The best part is this app doesn’t store any data of your YouTube account. If you are using PC/laptop for YouTube streaming then this app is not for youtube videos

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How to Transfer Contacts From Android to Windows Phone

How to Transfer Contacts From Android to Windows Phone

Hey, in this article, I’m going to talk about backup of your contacts, and I’m damn sure many of you are facing this problem. Backing up your contact from phone to another phone is the very important thing because if you forget to take backup while hard reset or factory reset your phone then you may lose your all contacts. So, it’s a very important thing and you might have this problem so stick with this article till the end.

In this article, I’m going to back up the contacts from Android Phone to Windows Phone vice versa. For that, you need a Google account & Outlook account.

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Open Contacts on your Android phone and click on the button which is next to + button at the upper right corner. transfer contacts

Now, select Import/Export Contacts, Export to Storage & hit OK. transfer contactsContacts.vcf file will save on your SD Card.

transfer contactsNow, go to the Settings on your Android phone and search for Accounts, click on Google & select your account.transfer contacts

Make sure you ON contacts. transfer contactsOnce you were done, it will take 1-2 mins to complete syncing your contacts to Google account.

transfer contacts
Now, login to the same Gmail account which is same as before, on your PC. Click on Gmail drop-down button and select Contacts. transfer contactsNow, on the left sidebar, select More and choose Import. transfer contactsOnce a new window is open, choose last option CSV or Vcard file & Go to Old Version. transfer contactstransfer contactsNow, select the contacts which you want to Export, click on More and Export. transfer contactsThe most important thing is exported file format. You should select Outlook CSV Format. Once you were done, hit Export.transfer contacts

Now, login to your Outlook account. transfer contactsClick on the upper left corner which is before Outlook Email & chooses People. transfer contactsNow, click on Manage and select Import Contacts. transfer contactsSelect Gmail & browse the exported file from Gmail. transfer contactsIt takes the time to complete the importing procedure. transfer contactsOnce it’s done & reboots your Windows Phone and open People on it. You will see all of the contacts are saved on your Windows Phone.

So, in this way, you can copy all contacts from one phone to another phone. You can also follow this same procedure while transferring the contacts from Windows Phone to Android Phone.

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How to Roll Back from Windows 10 Phone to Windows 8.1 Phone

How to Roll Back from Windows 10 Phone to Windows 8.1 Phone

Hey, In this tutorial, I’m gonna talk about roll back from Windows 10 phone. It’s a complete tutorial on how to again install Windows 8.1 on your latest updated Windows 10 Phone. So, follow the procedure which I’m giving in this tutorial.

If you update latest windows 10 on your phone then you face some problems while using apps. I also face this same problem and I decided to install Windows 8.1 on my phone. So, let’s get started.

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1st of all you have to Backup your phone because roll back process will delete all your data.

  1. download and install the latest version of Windows Device Recovery Tool on your PC or Mac (If you are using Mac then make sure your login to your Windows and its a .exe file).
  2. Now, launch this application and connect your Windows Phone to your PC/Mac through USB cable. It will automatically detect your phone and If not then click on My phone was not detected.
  3. Click on your phone and you can see the available software and information are on your screen. It will take few seconds. Select Reinstall Software and Continue.
  4. If you back up your data then click on Continue otherwise backup your data.
  5. Now, recovery tool will download the image from Microsoft and replace it with Windows 10. This will take around 45-50mins. It depends upon the speed of your internet connection.
  6. Once all done you will get a message Operation successfully completed. Your phone will reboot and boot into Windows 8.1 setup. Now, setup your Microsoft account, click on restore your phone from backup and you are ready to go!

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So, it’s very simple to roll back from Windows 10 phone.

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How to Hard Reset iPhone

How to Hard Reset iPhone

Hello, Once again I’m back with another awesome smartphone trick. So, In this tutorial I’m gonna show you a trick on iPhone. You can use this method to reset iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4S. So, If you are using iPhone any of this iPhone then you can use this trick to Hard Reset your iPhone.

If you are iPhone user and If you forgot your Passcode or If you want to sell your iPhone then you need Hard Reset it, because If you sell your iPhone to someone and he misuse your private information. So, Its very important to Hard Reset your phone before sell.

Now, There are 2 different methods for Hard Reseting iPhone.

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1st is official method but for this method you need MacBookPro.

1st of all turn on your MacBookPro. Now, Connect your iPhone to your MacBookPro with USB cable and open iTunes on your MacBookPro & make sure you have a latest version of iTunes on your MacBookPro. If you don’t have then Click here! to update.

Now, switched off your iPhone & wait for complete shut down. Once its completely off then enter into Recovery Mode.

To enter into Recovery Mode Press & Hold Power button & Home Button (for 10sec). Now, after 10sec you can remove your finger from Power Button only & keep holding Home Button (for 5sec). Once you entered in Recovery Mode then you will get a message on iTunes in MacBookPro that “You have entered in Recovery Mode successfully”. Now, click on OK and select Restore iPhone & Restore and Update. Now, reseting procedure is started and it will remove all informations and install latest iOS version on your iPhone. So, It will take some time. Please do not remove your iPhone from Mac between this procedure. Once procedure is complete then your iPhone will restart and select the option which you like. If you have iCloud backup then click on 2nd option to restore. Otherwise select 1st option to make your iPhone new!

All done! Have fun.

Now, we are going to talk about 2nd procedure. For this procedure you don’t need any Mac or PC to hard reset your iPhone. Before start this procedure you need to know 2 things;

1st is you need your Passcode &

2nd is you cannot restore your old backup. After this process your phone will become new purchase iPhone. So, If you agree with these 2 conditions then follow the procedure.

Now, Goto Settings on your phone and select General. Select last option Reset. Now, you have different options select whatever you want and enter your Passcode & select Erase iPhone. It will take around 3-5 mins to complete.

All done! have fun! Don’t forget to leave a comment.

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Mirror Your Android Screen to a PC or Mac Without Root

Mirror Your Android Screen to a PC or Mac Without Root

Hello, In this tutorial, I’m going to talk about how to project android phone screen on mac or pc. 

 So, 1st of all you have to enable DEVELOPER OPTION.

For that you have to goto Phone settings then about phone, Device information. Now, you can see BUILD NUMBER on your screen and then tap 7 times on BUILD NUMBER. Then you get a message of Enable Developer Option.

 Now, you have to go to Phone settings & select DEVELOPER OPTION & make sure DEVELOPER OPTION is ON.

Now, goto the Debugging and select USB DEBUGGING & Make it on.

Phone work is done!!!

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Its time for PC or Mac

Now turn on your pc or mac. Now, open GOOGLE CHROME.


 For PC: Goto SETTINGS and select EXTENSIONS. Now, select GET MORE EXTENSIONS & search for VYSOR.


It will download the EXTENSION and when its complete then LAUNCH APP.

In the application:

1. Goto settings. Check the International keyboard.

2. Share all device: If you want to share your phone screen with your friends or others then check this box. Then they will provide the URL and copy that URL and share with your friends. So, They can connect through your screen.

3. Start automatically. Select If you want.

Now, connect your android phone through data cable to Mac or PC. And in the app, click on Find Devices.

It will show you your device which you connect. Now select your device and connect.

It will take some time because this application will install on your PC or Mac and also on your android phone.

Now, the message will show on your phone screen for request of allow or deny. Then allow USB DEBUGGING.

When its complete & there you go.

All done!!! Now, you can see your phone screen on your PC or Mac screen.

In this way, you can project or share your android phone screen on PC or Mac.

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