What is a Featured Snippet? A List of Different Types of Featured Snippets

What is a Featured Snippet? A List of Different Types of Featured Snippets

When you search for any terms on Google and if they show you some unique type of result at the topmost in SERP, that is called featured snippets. There are many types of featured snippets results are available. But for every keywords or phrase Google doesn’t show a featured snippet. The snippets are also very useful to build SEO strategy.

Because of increasing numbers of CPM or CPC ads featured snippets are not shown on SERP. But as per Google’s report, Google shows featured snippets more and more every day. Featured snippets are very important to drive traffic because it shows unique result compare to other results on SERP as well as it is the topmost result. So, there are many benefits to have a result on the featured snippet. For that, your page or post has to rank for the featured snippet. Once your post will rank for the featured snippet you will get a high amount of organic traffic.

What is a Featured Snippet?

Featured snippets are the special results of SERP. There are many types of featured snippets. But there is a little confusion regarding featured snippet & schema mark up. Both are different from each other. So, 1st of all I’m going to discuss schema mark up.

Rich Snippet:

different types featured snippetsWhile searching for any product review or laptop review you will find something like average rating, user review, price and stock details or reviewer name. A rich snippet gives the special search result but it doesn’t affect the search engine ranking. It may be 20th or 30th or possibly 1st on SERP. But it shows the data for every time user search for. You can generate this data using schema.org. It helps you for better on-page optimization & the chances of getting higher rank in SERP is high.

Rich Answer:

different types featured snippetsWhen search for some random question like calculate this number or distance from earth to sun or moon, Google will give you a specific answer without giving any website link or credit. When searched for the distance between earth to the sun I got this search result covering actual answer, images & related search.

Knowledge Graph:

different types featured snippetsKnowledge Graph is the answer which is completely different from Rich Answer because it gives proper information with Wikipedia links and carousel images. When you search for the brand or famous people or institute then you will get this types of results. In this screenshot, I’m searching for christopher nolan movies and Google gives the whole list of his movies and personal information of from Wikipedia.

Featured Snippet:

different types featured snippetsThe featured snippet is topmost & special result compare to other organic search results. It’s like rich answer and knowledge graph result but in this case, Google also gives credit to the creator with a link. So, if anyone finds these all information at 1st result then why will he go for next results? So, it is very useful to rank for a featured snippet to get a high amount of organic traffic. Your content also matters to rank for a featured snippet. If your content is informative & relevant to the search terms then your content may be rank for the featured snippet.

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Types of Featured Snippets:

Basically 3 types of featured snippets; Paragraph Snippets, List Snippets & Table Snippets.

different types featured snippetsParagraph Snippets:

When you ask something to Google, Google will give you answer in the paragraph which is best suited and proper answer to that question. So, if your answer is good and it satisfied users needs then he will click on that link otherwise he will check something else. If your answer is good only then you will get good click-through rate (CTR).different types featured snippets

When you ask questions starting with how to, what is, why, who is, where etc. you will see paragraph snippet at the topmost result.

So, add one page of FAQs which is very helpful to give answers of this type of questions. If your answers are good then It may be getting rank for the featured snippet!

The numbered list featured snippet:

different types featured snippetsWhen you search for some method or step-by-step tutorial then you will get the numbered list featured snippet. When you ask for how to, step by step, food recipe, how to do, DIY tasks etc. Google will give you some numbered list with image and website link. If you describe something very precisely with some images or video for the whole procedure, the chances of getting a higher rank are high and you will get good CTR.

The Bulleted List Featured Snippet:

different types featured snippetsWhen you are listing something and order doesn’t matter like you are searching for Best WordPress Plugins 2017 which needs only list not proper rank so in this type of search query Google will give results in the bulleted list.different types featured snippets

If you are using Best, top rated, featured list etc. search terms Google will give you the bulleted list featured snippet.

The Table Featured Snippet:

different types featured snippetsI admit Google has many capabilities like this one. Google wants to give information in tabular form. Like when you search for most populated countries, it gives you complete information with many columns in tabular form. It’s a fantastic feature of Google. So, users don’t need to visit many websites, collect the data & prepare the table. So, Google determines what user is looking for and create its own table & if you need more data, Google will create more column & try to stop you at the 1st result. So, I really like this feature. You can compare any brand’s sales report with the previous year and much more.

I searched for most populated countries so, Google determines the needs and create its own table with 3 columns and give me the data I asked. Featured snippet tables can be more than one column. So, more information you will give, more chances of getting top most rank. If you want to rank for a table featured snippet, make sure your table has more than 4 rows which increase the CTR. When you search for lists, data, compare sales, price something like that you will get table featured result.

YouTube Featured Snippet:

different types featured snippetsAs you can see in my whole article, Google takes care of your website to get featured. So what you think about YouTube? After all, Google owns it! YouTube is the 2nd best search engine in the world. So, if you are a creator on YouTube then you will get more views by getting featured on Google. When user search for the terms which is related to your video then your video may be get featured. Google may show a particular clip instead of the whole video. So, your video should relevant with the search terms to get good CTR. You should also use videos to drive traffic from YouTube. You will see YouTube featured snippets for any types of search terms.

The Two-for-One Featured Snippet:

For some search queries or questions, Google needs more than one website to give the proper answer. So, sometimes Google pick an image from other source and content from another source and showed it as a featured result.

You should include images with the content to get high ranking for a featured snippet. You will see the two-for-one featured snippet for any types of search terms & you may see it in tabular form!

That’s it! I hope you like it. Thumbs if you did & share if you love. Leave your comments below & share your thoughts about featured snippets.

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10 Ways to Measure the SEO Value of a Piece of Content

10 Ways to Measure the SEO Value of a Piece of Content

Content is the heart of every website or business. It should be unique, well written, optimized & relevant to your business. If your content is well written & proper describing your business then it helps your customer to understand your business properly. So, for small business or industry or any website/blog content is the most important thing compared to others. When it comes to SEO perspective, SEO adds more value to the content which means it helps you to get more traffic towards your website or business. So, let’s get started, to measure the SEO value of the content.

How does Google determine your content is high-quality or not?

As we all know, Google’s last algorithm update was in 2012 which is Google Penguin Update. After Penguin update, Google is very strict about webspam & relevancy. Google also changes the ranking algorithm. So, your content should be high-quality & relevant to your website niche to get higher ranking in search results. But the question occurs, how does Google determine your content is high-quality or not? So, for that Google has many options but we are going to discuss only 2 of them.

Behavioral Reports:

When you check your Google Analytics report you might have seen Behavioral Report tab. This tab gives you complete information about your content, user explorer, engagement, site speed, site search, events and much more. From this tab, Google analyzes user explorer, engagement & site content to determine your content. Site content tab has the primary dimension called Avg. Time on Page which gives you the data about average time any user spend on the particular page. If the average timing is high which means people love to be on your page and it has the quality content. So, in this way, Google determines your content.

Quality Raters:

The raters are the actual persons who are recruited by Google and those raters determine your content’s quality using quality rating guidelines.

Make sure before writing anything because it is checked by bots and humans. If both are satisfied only then your content will get higher ranking in search results.

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Heading or Title:

This is the 1st thing people will see after landing on your website. In most cases, title tag & h1 tag both are same. The title tag tells Google what is your page is about. You can target one or two keywords in your title but make sure there are no keywords stuffing. But in my opinion, you should consider adding Schema markup to add summary about your article or page instead of adding keywords in it. So, Google can easily understand about it & you can also prevent keyword stuffing. The length is also mattered & it adds the SEO value into the content, you can give 65-70 characters title but if you give more than 70 characters Google will cut it & show only 70 characters. There are many tools out there, which helps you to create an attractive title so people attract to your article and read it.

Keywords Targeting:

Keywords are the most important part of the content & for SEO perspective too. You should make a list of the keywords which you want to target in your content while building SEO strategy. Before writing select some of the keywords and keep in mind while writing the content. So, you have an idea about your target keywords and you can easily optimize it. The one thing you should keep in mind while keywords targeting, you should target long tail keywords instead of short tail keywords. Because the chances of getting higher rank in search results are more comparable to short tail keywords.

The importance of keywords is to get higher rank in search results so your keywords play important role in SEO. For choosing the keywords you should use Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends. If you are new, then chances of getting a higher rank are very low because of competition. So, you should target medium or low competition keywords with 100 monthly search volume instead of high competition keywords.

Fresh & Unique Content & Content-Length:

We all know the importance of the keywords but only keywords are not important in the content. You should maintain the quality of the content. You should focus on quality & quantity of the content. If you just focus on to target keywords your article looks like spam and Google will not give it a higher position in SERP.

As per SEJ’s report, more than 2000 words article is preferable by Google and chances of higher ranking in SERP compared to 500-700 words article. So, try to make longer content that doesn’t mean, you should consider another topic into it. Try to write longer and high-quality content which is relevant to your website niche. As per Google’s report, Google considers “Thin Content” which article has less than 300 words. So, content quality, as well as content length, also matters for getting higher ranking in SERP.

on page seo


As per Harsh Agrawal sentence, “Images speak a thousand words” You should consider adding images/screenshot or tutorial videos in your article which gives reader better understand. If you are writing about tutorial then you should add screenshots and tutorial video in your articles. So, people can easily understand what you are saying & as an SEO perspective, you can drive traffic from YouTube. But from an SEO perspective, adding an image with alt-text is a great way to get traffic to your website. Because Google images are also rank in SERP so if you add an image in your article with alt-text so the chances of getting traffic from google images if high. Alt-text is the specific word it may be the keyword which describes your content.

Many bloggers take a picture directly from Google images and put it on their blog which is not a good habit. If you write the content then you should add the original images not copied from others. And if you copy an image and it is copyrighted then Google gives you the copyright penalty. So, try to make the original picture into the content.

If you are using the original image then it may be a large file and if you add that image into your post then it takes time to load and that is not good for SEO perspective. So, before adding any images into your post or website, you should optimize it first. There are lots of image optimizer software out there so you can simply optimize your images.

Meta Tags:

Usually, many marketers use meta tags to target keywords. But after Penguin updates Google no longer rank accordingly meta tags. So, instead of targeting keywords in meta title and description consider adding Schema markup. But if you want to add keywords in meta title and description then you can add one or two keywords but try to make the attractive title so people will attract to it. You should add 65-70 characters meta title and 165-170 characters meta description.


There are many factors which affect the Google ranking. Readability is also mattered for higher ranking in SERP. Readability means how good your content is to be read by people. The spelling & grammar mistakes, long paragraphs, more than 10% keywords density etc. If you are using WordPress website then there is a plugin called Yoast SEO which helps you to check readability. So, you can easily check the status and make changes accordingly.

To avoid grammar and spelling mistakes you should use Grammarly or Ginger tools. There are several other online tools provide this features.


URL is the link to your content. Google will understand your content from URL too. URL contains keyword & content title. You shouldn’t add category or date into it. Try to make it simple and so Google or anyone can easily understand what your post or article on about. You should also change the permalinks to the post name so your URL will automatically create by post name & it will remove other things from it like signs, numbers etc. You can also put one or two keywords in it but make sure about keyword stuffing.

But in my opinion, you should consider adding Schema markup to add summary about your article or page instead of adding keywords in it. So, Google can easily understand about it & you can also prevent keyword stuffing.

Quality Link Building:

After Penguin update, Google is very strict about webspam and relevancy. You can’t take a shortcut for link building. So, now only creating backlink is not enough. You should focus on creating quality backlinks. You should search for that website which is related to your niche and try to create backlinks from it.

Contextual links are still very useful compared to other links from an SEO perspective. So, you should put the external links within the body section. The source is trustworthy and should be relevant. You should also insert your own pages and posts which is good practice & it also helps for better indexing. Links from relevant & trusted sources are incredibly valuable for SEO perspective.

I hope you like it. Thumbs if you did & share if you love. Leave your comments below.

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9 Reasons You Might Need to Rethink About Your SEO Strategy

9 Reasons You Might Need to Rethink About Your SEO Strategy

Sometimes you wonder, even if I have done proper on-page SEO and create quality backlinks than why I didn’t get more traffic? No doubt, you are getting more traffic but that is not that traffic which you want. Maybe you are not familiar with Google Penguin update. So, there are several reasons that stop your website growth.  So, if you feel the same then stick with this article till the end because I’m going to share some important tips for SEO which is very helpful to get more traffic towards your website & some other things which stop your website growth. Before starting, you should aware with basic SEO.

Aware of Google Algorithm Update:

The 1st thing before creating an SEO strategy is you should aware of Google algorithm update. For that, you should read Google Webmasters articles. Now, Google Webmasters send emails to their users if there any major changes to algorithm or ranking factors. So, this is the good step of Google for their customers. If you still not get an email from Google Webmasters then go there and subscribe the newsletter to get updates. So, once you aware of the algorithm update then you can build the SEO strategy properly like what you should include or not.

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Make Your Website Responsive:

Nowadays, most of the searches on mobile devices. As per Google’s report, more than 60% of searches done on mobile devices. So, your website should be responsive. A responsive website means, your website looks same across all devices. If your website is not compatible with mobile devices then you may lose your customers or readers. If you are using WordPress then almost all themes are responsive. In my opinion, If you are a blogger or writer then you should create a website using WordPress. Still, you are confused, use resize tool of your web browser.

Create the “Relevant” Content:

If you are still using popular website’s meta tags then please don’t do that. It’s been so long Google update the ranking factors. Now, Google uses Artificial Intelligence to know about your content. So, if you are writing something about SEO and you use meta tags of Moz or Neil Patel’s article then Google compare your tags with your content if both are relevant then okay otherwise Google count is as a spamming. So, please don’t do this. And you are target many keywords for one articles or page then Google also count it as a spamming because of keywords stuffing. You should drive traffic from YouTube videos.

Stop Creating Low-Quality Content:

Quality always matters in SEO scenario. Content is the most important part of any website or blog. If you want higher exposure among people then you have to write quality content. If people love your writing only then they will come again for visit otherwise they will switch to another quality source. So, you should write quality content. Quality as well as quantity matters. You should try to write long & relevant content. Like if you are writing articles around 500-700 words then the chances of getting higher rank in search results are less compare to 2000 words article. So, quality & quantity of the content matters when it comes to SEO.

Stop Using Automatically Generated Content:

There are so many tools out there that provide automatically generated content. Perhaps it may be spam, copy from another content or something. Google will not allow this type of content. So, instead of using these tools write something new & unique content. If you are still using these type of content, Google will give you copyright penalty.

on page seo

Paid Link Building:

1000 backlinks of DA 80 websites at just $10” If you still purchasing these “quality backlinks” then you have to stop this. Because after Google Penguin updates Google is very strict about web spamming. If your website having these types of backlinks or spam backlinks then your rank will go down even if you have quality content. So, don’t take a shortcut for link building and concentrate on creating quality backlinks.

Target Long-Tail Keywords:

I’m not telling you that short tail keywords are not important, it’s very important but when it comes to ranking the chances of getting a higher rank is high of long tail keywords compare to short tail keywords. You should focus on targeting long tail keywords.

Stop Keywords Stuffing in Title:

Instead of targeting many keywords in the title you should consider giving the relevant title. Now, keywords stuffing in titles are no longer elements of Google ranking. So, stop keywords stuffing in the title and use schema markup to add a summary of your article or page & schema markup is a very useful tool which describes what is your page is about. So, Google & readers can easily understand about your page.

Hope you like it. Thumbs if you did & share if you love. Leave your comments below.

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4 Secrets About How To Monitor Social Media Apps That Nobody Will Tell You

How to Monitor Social Media Apps

This is a guest post written by Angela Smith. The opinions expressed in this post are the Author’s own.

What comes to your mind when you think about the social media apps? Your answer would be the same as I am expecting; these are the tools to use for the interaction with the whole world. Yes, it is true, but not for all.

People use these social media apps for too many reasons. Such as chatting with the family and friends online, making friends online, for the promotion of your business etc. Even for passing a quality time when anyone has nothing to do! Everyone has smartphones and they use social messaging apps no time ever before.

Besides the users those use those instant messengers for some meaningful purpose, there are plenty of peoples who use these platforms negatively. Like cheat young users, do cyberbully, stalking, sexual encounters and for plenty of others dark motives.

That’s why sometimes parents have to monitor these apps on young kids and teens for their protection. Let’s discuss how to monitor instant messaging apps on the smartphones.

The user can monitor all the trendy instant messaging apps, but the question has arisen, how is it possible? It is possible with the use of cell phone monitoring software. It will enable a user to get their hands on the social messaging apps logs.

The only thing needs to do by the person who is willing to monitor messengers should install the mobile phone spy app on the target cell phone device.

Once a user has successfully installed the tracking software for mobile on the device, it will enable a user to do the job done. There are following tools for the monitoring app for smartphone that is best in the business of monitoring social media apps.

Track IM’s through Keylogger

It would be one of the best ways to monitor social messaging apps in order to protect kids and teens by using the keylogger of a smartphone. Install the monitoring app on phones and get your hands on all the keystrokes applied to the target smartphone.

You will be able to get keystrokes such as password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, email keystrokes and SMS keystrokes. The user can get access to the messenger by using the instant messenger keystrokes and get to know each everything happening on the target cell phone messaging apps.

Monitor Instant messenger on IM’s social media

You can use IM’s social media of the surveillance software in order to view IM’s logs. IM’s conversations and media sharing files on the facebook messenger. It enables a user to have all the information regarding activities performed on the particular messaging app by the target phone user.

It empowers a user to listen to all VOIP calls on the instant messaging applications. The user can get all the information by getting access to the web portal of the mobile phone tracking app.

Spy social apps with Screen recording

If you want to monitor the social messaging apps along with the proof then you should use the screen recording feature of the phone spy app. It enables a user to make back to back short videos of smartphone screen when any activity is being performed on the cell phone screen.

It allows users to make back to back short videos of the IM’s social media apps running on the device screen. Then the user will come to know that what sort of messages target user sending and receiving. And what sort of chat conversations a target phone user is doing? You can even monitor the media files he/she is sharing the messenger such as photos and videos.

On another hand, it further enables a user to do the screen recording other than the social messaging apps. Such as chrome recording, YouTube recording, SMS recording, Gmail recording etc. And on-demand recording allows you to do the screen recording of multiple instant messengers. Such as Facebook, Tinder, line, Vine, Whatsapp, Yahoo, Zalo, IMO and many others alike.

Monitor social media apps with screenshots

The best part of screenshot tool is accuracy and efficiency. The user can get screenshots of all the activities happen on the cell phone device. Which include the multiple social media networking apps.

When you are planning to spy on anyone’s social media apps, then you should install the cell phone tracking app on the target phone. Then you will be able to get screenshots of every single activity happens on the cell phone when a social media apps running on the target device.

The user can get screenshots of messaging, chat conversations, and share media files such as photos and videos. Parents can protect kids and teens from all online dangers which they are facing on instant messaging apps. The cell phone spy app is the ultimate and reliable tool to monitor all trendy social messaging apps.

That’s it. I hope you like it. Thumbs if you did and share if you love. Leave your comments below.

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Angela is serving as senior editor and analyst at TheOneSpy monitoring app. She has tremendous expertise in kids monitoring, employee monitoring, business management, and business security. The series of published articles on global forums are the testimonies that she is expressive and can naturally convince readers through her creative works.