Best Mac Apps [2017] [Updated]

Best Mac Apps [2017] [Updated]

Hello, In this tutorial, I’m gonna talk about best Mac apps which I’m using & installed on my Mac. Currently, I have lots of apps installed on my Mac. I’ve categorized into 2 categories.

There are 2 categories;

Free Apps:

It’s totally free apps.

best mac apps

Paid Apps:

You have to pay to use these apps. Some are subscription type.

best mac apps

Watch this video and you will get complete information about the particular app.

Best Mac APPS [2017]

  1. VLC Media Player:
  2. CleanMyMac 3 (Paid):
  3. Spotify:
  4. Garageband (Paid):
  5. Hyperdock (Paid):
  6. Dropbox:
  7. box:
  8. OneDrive:
  9. Google Drive:
  10. ooVoo Video Calling:
  11. Firefox Web Browser:
  12. Screenflow 6 (Paid):
  13. iStat Menus 5 (Paid):
  14. Folx Go:
  15. Parallel Desktop (Paid):
  16. HideMe Mac VPN:
  17. TimeMachine Editor:
  18. Final Cut Pro X (Paid):
  19. Unclutter (Paid):
  20. Postbox (Paid):
  21. Flux:
  22. Amphetamine:
  23. Evernote:
  24. The Unarchiver:

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